Going vegan: the first few days.

Day one: Thursday.

I wake up really excited about starting my vegan lifestyle. Wait, that sounded really wanky. Anyway, I’ve done some homework and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I can eat, at least to start with. I kick things off with my own granola that I make at the cafe, which is already vegan. Almond milk and a few blueberries and I’m off and away. {The recipe for my granola is HERE.}

img_1743For lunch I take the quinoa I make at work and add some chargrilled corn and some slivered almonds and add a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Yum. So far so easy. For dinner we decide on Thai takeaway, and to say I surprise everyone with my choice of satay tofu and steamed rice is an understatement. But again, yum. No snacks later that night because I’m also going cold turkey on processed and added sugar and all those snacks I love so much. I finish the night by watching a doco on Netflix about where our food comes from, and I can see that my husband is starting to understand why I’m doing this.

Day two: Friday.

After watching last night’s doco I grab some spirulina and cacao. I add both to my granola but, even though it tastes fine, everything is green including my teeth and mouth. I try swapping the milk in my coffee for almond milk and while it’s ok I’d rather just have my black tea with a squeeze of lemon. Lunch is another quinoa salad. By about three in the afternoon I have a raging headache, and it occurs to me that I might already be getting withdrawal from the cola and chocolate I’d usually be having right about this time. Hubby and I head out to buy some dinner supplies, and I decide on falafel, hummus, and fries. Hubby begs me to consider vegetarian instead of vegan as he knows how much I love seafood, but as we talk about it he gets on board and I know I’ve got his support. The kids on the other hand think it’s hilarious…


Day three: Saturday.

Breakfast at work again. I skip the spirulina and munch on some granola. Yesterday’s headache lasted well into the night, and I wonder for a minute if I should have done this gradually. Vegetarian would be way too easy but I know I’d just binge on cheese instead. I’m fully committed to eating vegan. But as weekend plans begin to take shape I wonder how it will go socially. Last night’s headache is back with a vengeance by mid morning, and I start to grasp what a huge detox my body is going through. I manage to grab some avocado on toast but work is too busy for much else and by the time I finish I need a piece of fruit for that energy fix. Seems that ristretto I threw back earlier didn’t quite do the trick.

We head to our friends place and they throw together a quick dinner. I am horrified when they ask what they can fix for me, and I promise I will be fine with the baked vegies and garden salad. On the way home I swear to my husband that I would rather nobody knew I was vegan than feel they have to go out of their way to accommodate me. We are having friends to lunch at our place tomorrow, and I am looking forward to being able to throw some vegan options onto the menu without anyone being any the wiser.

The headache from hell is back by the time we get home and I’m also feeling kind of woozy. I guess that there’s some heavy duty detoxing happening in my insides. But on the plus side it’s Saturday night so time for a vodka lime and soda.


Overall the first few days were super easy, even with the headaches. I can see already that I’m not going to be one of those people who wants to tell everyone they meet and go on about why they’re vegan. I am happy to keep my choices to myself {and my blog, obviously}, rather than have to explain over and over again why. But despite the have a carrot jokes I know I’m doing the right thing for me.

Stay tuned to find out how tomorrow’s lunch goes down.

  1. Mmmm I can eat blueberries every day-and I do. You’re doing amazing. Hopefully your headaches subside…that sucks. Woozy ain’t good! 😱Good on you for persevering, seriously.


    1. Yeah, woozy not so good but it passed soon enough. And I ate so many bakes potatoes I got a belly ache,lol.


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