Why go vegan?

First post goes straight to the big question: WHY GO VEGAN?

Is why not too flippant?

In truth it’s been quietly brewing in ways I was never fully aware of. The friends who made the choice and loved it always had me wondering what the heck they could love so much about not eating cheese, but I wondered none the less at what they had discovered. The animal welfare videos shared by friends on Facebook where I couldn’t watch without ending up balling my eyes out or having to turn it off. The knowledge that I could go vegetarian so easily and had at many times basically eaten like a vegetarian without consciously deciding to or making any announcement about it. The pictures on Instagram of fur coats that bothered me and the emphatic agreement with all the animal activists I happened across. The only thing I never thought about were the possible health benefits for us humans.

When I decided to read up on just that it all clicked into place.

Doing the right thing by all living creatures AND feeling better physically? It was a no brainer.

Now I am very early into this whole adventure. And right now as I type this post I have a killer headache and feel vaguely woozy, and I am pretty sure that my body is detoxing right now. I am also aiming to cut out processed and added sugar, which I have done before and felt great after doing it. But all at once my body is freaking the fuck out because there’s no cola, no salty potato chips, and no chocolate bars.

But I’m still feeling excited, which has to be a good thing, right?



Hope to see you again.


  1. This will be a fascinating story to keep up with. Love the blog.


    1. Thank you. xxx


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