Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: BEASTS OF BOURBON.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it agin: Tex and the boys are responsible for my current love of a small and sweaty live gig.

There was a long break between gigs for hubby and I. What with babies, adult responsibilities, and more babies, we managed only a handful of stadium gigs in the first few years of our marriage. All of that changed though when one of hubby’s favourite bands, Aussie supergroup legends The Beasts of Bourbon, released a new album in early 2007.


My first small pub gig at The Gaelic Bar in Sydney was an eye opener. Everyone was squashed up close, there was a bona fide mosh pit, and the smell of young-male-sweat permeated the air. My lifelong aim of front-and-centre was given a rude shake about the head that night.

And yet I walked out absolutely exhilarated and electrified.

Everything I had heard and read about The Beasts over the years proved true, and then some.

I was lucky to see them a few times after that, including on two separate occasions with my old favourites Magic Dirt, and another time opening for Iggy Pop {when my sons got up on stage!}. The Beasts are in a class of their own. They’re cool, menacing, and charming all at the same time. Frontman Tex Perkins manages to have each and every person in the crowd wrapped around his little finger, and they wear the tag of supergroup with their customary nonchalant swagger. To quote Henry Rollins, “Tex Perkins is everything Mick Jagger ever wanted to be.”

I’m going to go with the video for Chase The Dragon, off the seminal Low Road album. It’s easily one of my favourite songs ever.

  1. Tex is such a cool MF!! A have a girlfriend who had a cat named Tex Perkins who was just as cool ahahaha! Nice choice xo


    1. Yeah for sure. My next cat is Tex.


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