Going vegan: week one done and dusted.


I wake up full of plans for our lunch, and as I get on with my morning I realise that I am feeling a lot less bloated already. The scales show only the smallest loss but the feeling of lightness in my belly is unmistakeable, and I can’t remember how many months ago I last felt this light.

It’s been so many years of digestive problems and bloating and dairy intolerances and questions about gluten that I know I’m on the right track.

Breakfast is a quick piece of toast with peanut butter and jam as I hit the kitchen to get lunch organised.

I’ve always loved entertaining and having friends and family around for a meal, and today is no exception. There’s BBQ’ed meat and seafood, but also roasted vegies and my amazing tri colour quinoa salad with chargrilled corn and fresh herbs. Plus a garden salad, and I buy some vegan sausages to try, made of mushroom and tofu and they taste pretty good. I’m not sure though if I really want meat substitutes. Seems a bit pointless.

The hardest thing for me to resist are my salt and szechuan pepper prawns, and just the smell gets my mouth watering, but I manage to say no and it isn’t in fact that hard to do so. In fact I am marveling at how easy it has been so far to ignore all the things I would usually be eating. Even the jokes from my kids are water off a duck’s back.

I snack on some rice and bean vegan corn chips later in the night and have a few too many drinks…



I swap breakfast and lunch round today but by the time I get home from work I am STARVING. I wolf down some PB&J toast while I decide what to do about dinner. I was counting on leftover quinoa salad but it’s all gone! In the end I settle for some rosemary and sea salt fries and sauteed cabbage {weird combo I know} and a banana. Thankfully the headaches seem well and truly gone. I can’t help myself and have some salty vinegary crisps later that night.

And I did well at work when the delivery of cakes arrived and managed to easily say no to the mini lemon meringue tarts that were calling my name.


Breakfast is avo on toast but it doesn’t really get me through the morning the same way my granola does so I will probably need to swap that back. Can’t believe it’s almost been a week, this is all way too easy. I was up late last night looking for some books to read on exactly where our food comes from. Not that I need any more convincing but it’s just fascinating me at the moment. There’s also another big family party happening this weekend and I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes.

Lunch is hot chips and roast vegies which I knew even as I bought it would be a bad idea. Potatoes seem to sit heavily in my gut and I’ve had a bit too much fries lately. I should stick to salads for lunch from now on.

For dinner I go middle eastern with a big salad, falafels, hummus and flatbread. Much better.


Granola and almond milk for breakfast hits the spot, and I power through the morning. As I cook some mushrooms for a customer it occurs to me that I can still enjoy my favourite mushroom bruschetta minus the parmesan cheese and butter. I add some spinach to the pan, finish with a drizzle of olive oil and hey presto: delicious vegan lunch for one.

For dinner I whip up a new recipe, featuring my new best friend quinoa, and some roasted vegies and lentils {recipe on the way}. SOOOOO delicious. Makes me wish I went vegan years ago. And just like that my first week eating vegan has come to an end.


I originally set myself a one month vegan challenge with the hope of making it permanent, and I can definitely see that happening. I love to cook and am a good cook so finding new recipes to enjoy isn’t difficult. I’m not interested in convincing anyone else to go vegan and am already sick of explaining why to everyone, but if they are genuinely interested I am happy to give them my reasons.

The changes in my body are not huge but are definitely there. My skin is a lot clearer, my hair already feels a bit shinier, and my bowels are running very smoothly {TMI, I know}. I have also swapped sugary snacks and soft drinks for water, and coffee for black tea so that would all help too. Energy levels are the same but I work 55 hours a week so I wasn’t expecting that to change.

The biggest change has been mentally. For the first time in years I’m really mindful of everything I eat. There’s been no autopilot snacking where I’m not even aware of what I’m eating. I’m actually experiencing hunger, which is rare for me, because I’m eating sensibly and not snacking.

All up I’m loving this change. At this early stage of the game I’m thirsty for information and being the kind of person who always turns to books that’s what I’m going.

One thing I am getting a bit sick of is everyone seeming so worried about where I will get all my protein from, and it seems pointless trying to even explain because they just refuse to be convinced that it’s possible without eating meat.

All up week one was so much better than I even hoped for.

And so easy.


  1. Wow good on you, going vegan is something I have been looking into myself due to ill health.Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the journey, I would love to check out your recipes!

    Lennae xxx


    1. Thanks Lennae. You have nothing to lose by having a go, and you might be very pleasantly surprised. And there are more recipes on the way to join the few already here!


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