Some thoughts as week two gets under way…

So I wasn’t imagining it, I measured my waist this morning and found that, despite the scales showing it’s usual fluctuations of a kilo or two up or down depending on the day, the tape measure showed that I have lost five centimetres off my waist. That bloating I thought had gone, definitely has.


I have not noticed any lack of energy or anything similar from not eating red meat. I’m as tired by the end of the day as I always am and get through the day the same as before.

Mindful eating is now the norm. Stopping to ask myself if it’s vegan, if I need that snack, and listening to my body’s hunger signals means I am eating less and all of it is healthy.

Okay, maybe not the vodka on the weekend.


I haven’t told a lot of family yet. I kind of expect them to dismiss it as a phase or even a midlife crisis, and I don’t feel like explaining myself. But it’s inevitable, and with a big birthday celebration at our place this weekend I’m sure it will come up, especially when I take a pass on the cakes. There are the few people who I know will be genuinely interested and open to the idea, and there are also the people who will have a good laugh and tell me that they don’t care where their bacon comes from as long as it’s crispy.



There are so many great vegan recipes online that I’m planning to try. I’ve got a tofu and vegie stirfry on the menu tonight, and had a mushroom burger last night. There’s definitely no need to feel like eating vegan is settling for second best, the possibilities and choice of vegies are endless. I’m looking forward to some vegetable soup, a vegetable and tofu curry, and I’m going to tweak my laksa recipe and see if I can make it vegan for the whole family. One thing I love in Winter is slow cooking paired with some red wine and crusty bread, so I need to find a vegan version to satisfy.

Still getting through books and documentaries, and still finding it all fascinating. Hard to believe that animal agriculture and farming is the single most harmful thing for our environment and nobody seems to be jumping up and down about it. Our air and water is more polluted and depleted by farming than anything else. Makes me feel even better about my choice.


Kind of scary, isn’t it?

That’s all for today folks, have a good weekend.



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