Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: EVAN DANDO & THE LEMONHEADS

Confession: I couldn’t stand Evan Dando once upon a time.

He seemed too boringly pretty and not bad like the hard partying metal boys I liked then.


press pic lemonheads

The Lemonheads were, and still are, one of my husbands’ favourite bands ever. So therefore I heard it A LOT. Songs like Being Around just confused me, is he actually singing about being a booger? What kind of sick fuck sings lyrics like that to such catchy hooks?ย And again, he was far too ridiculously good looking and that just bothered me for some strange reason, like I couldn’t take him seriously.

But then…

We went to see The Lemonheads play live, and I was a goner.

All those songs that had seemed so deceptively sweet were being played with some real balls, and watching the slightly bedraggled and worse for wear Dando close his eyes and lose himself in the songs just did something to me, and I think I fell just in love with his music by the time the show ended.

He was also looking a lot less pretty and a lot more ruggedly handsome by now.


I love Dando. I love how he just plugs away, traveling all over and playing his shows regardless of how many people turn up, and I love that he gets to Australia so often. His music, Lemonheads and solo, are among my most frequently listened to, and are the musical equivalent of a big warm hug.

So Evan: sorry it took me so long to get how good you really are.

And thanks for the music.

I’ve chosen this song because it so beautifully captures the pop genius The Lemonheads are best loved for as well as Evan’s unique and poetic lyrics.



  1. Aaaaaah Evan *sigh* God I love him so much and his songs ARE like a big warm hug!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


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