Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: RIP Prince.

Not really a proper Sunday Session this week, the only artist dominating my thoughts these past few days has been the late, and spectacularly great, Prince. His purple highness passed on a few days ago and all I can listen to is his music. He was the subject of my third Sunday Session this year, which you can read HERE.

Drowning myself in his music has been so bittersweet. Remembering how brilliant he was while mourning the huge loss. Watching Purple Rain and ending up in tears. One of my most favourite moments from the movie ever is right near the end, where he is singing the title track, and he walks over to guitarist Wendy and kisses her on the cheek. She’s crying too. And I’ve always loved that scene for its tenderness but watching it again it just cut straight to the heart.


Like pretty much all the artists I’ve dedicated Sunday Sessions to, his music is so wrapped up in a time, a place, and so many memories. I wasn’t surprised that my cousin rang me at six am the morning we found out he had died. We shared our shock, our sadness, and our memories of him. The obsessions, the copying of dance moves, the years we were purple obsessed. The videos of people dancing in the street to his music made me want to teleport there that second.

There have been so many huge losses this year in music. David Bowie was a big one, Lemmy was another, but Prince is personal. His music was my music, he was a special part of my life. Our favourite artists, even if we lose touch for a while, are like an old friend. Memories of good times, that old and easy familiarity, the feeling of picking up where you left off with someone who was very dear to you. I had a Prince scrapbook. I wanted only to wear paisley or purple {wearing both as I type this}. I watched Purple Rain the other night and realised that I have memorised, absorbed even, every single miniscule nuance, every movement, every note sung. ABSORBED it all, it felt like I had last watched it yesterday instead of twenty years ago. Remembering even the comments we made at certain scenes.

Today I ask you to play some of his music. There are so many to choose from, from his early funk to early electronica, to the classics, to his later jazz and even Latino numbers. Remember him next time you hear The Bangles singing Manic Monday on the radio or Sinead O’Connor warbling Nothing Compares 2 U. Or Chaka Khan or Tom Jones or Cyndi Lauper singing some of their biggest hits. Make no mistake, his influence was HUGE.

Vale you beautiful magical creature.

And thank you.


  1. Beautifully written. What a legacy he has left. RIP Prince 💜


  2. This is such a beautiful, personal tribute. I actually thought of you when the news broke because you’ve mentioned your Prince love plenty of times including that other Sunday Sessions post honoring him.
    I’d just gassed up the car, got on the road and was slowing down to turn after a stop sign when the dj on the radio said something like “You’re hearing it all over the world that has Prince has died.” I thought he was about to renounce it as a hoax and clear up some ugly rumor that’d be swirling around and then he said “It’s true…” and went on with the little details that were out. I almost never listen to the regular radio either but I was at that moment and happened to hear it.. I ended up pulling over BY the stop sign like a weirdo and causing a small confusion among the few cars there but I was so shaken like “WHAT? That can’t be true.” I had to pull back on the road, finish the turn and then pull over and listen to the news. I ended up glued to the 80s on 8 station on Sirius for the latest news & people calling in from concert goers to old fans to MTV VJs of the past with stories and praise. It was a sad day and the thing that struck me was that it was everywhere. Just about everybody seemed to understand the profound loss even if they admitted they’d never really listened to his music, they still got it. I saw someone describe Prince as a “freaky earth angel” and I thought that was perfect.


    1. It really was everywhere. Here it was on the TV non stop and the music channels all did their tributes. I heard as soon as I woke up for work and by six am I was on the phone with my cousin and we were in shock, just so many memories. It’s been bittersweet reading about him and rediscovering what a genius he really was. But at least people like that leave such a huge legacy with their music that lasts forever. But so many big losses this year it’s crazy.


      1. True and I was more of a fan & casual fan when I was little and the news really did stop me in my tracks and was so sad so I can’t imagine how devastated all these other mega fans are feeling if it hit me that hard. The new issue of Entertainment Weekly came in the mail today and fittingly he had the cover all to himself.
        What else will 2016 throw at us?


        1. I almost don’t want to know.


          1. Me neither. Fingers crossed for the rest of this year.


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