Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: THE GRATES

There’s nothing I love more than those times I’m just minding my own business, when out of nowhere, some new and interesting sounds drop right into my lap. This was the case late one Saturday night many years ago while I was watching one of my favourite music quiz shows. The show kicks off with two musical guests who, on being introduced at the beginning of the show, each sing one of their own songs, and when a young woman by the name of Patience was introduced I had no idea that I was about to meet one of my future music crushes.


She was, of course, Patience Hodgson from Aussie band The Grates, and despite appearing on the show solo, the band is actually a three piece. John and Alana rounded out the band at the time I first heard them shortly after the release of their first album but Alana has since left the band. All up there have been four full length studio albums, but this is no ordinary band you guys.

They literally (and you know my pet hate and wouldn’t abuse that word) burst onto the music scene in a blaze of energetic and colourful supercharged pop frenzy. Their early gems included killer tunes like this:

But it was their third album that took the band to a whole new place. Everything just seemed to have been dialled up to eleven, from the songwriting to the vocals to the production to the whole sonic feel and atmosphere. They had just turbo boosted themselves to everyone’s top ten list that year, and had firmly cemented themselves as more than a young and energetic pop band. They were a band to be taken seriously and had just proved they had the talent to back it up. Case in point:

Not surprisingly, live on stage they surpass anything you have ever seen. Patience is a whirling dervish: crowd surfing, diving into the mosh pit, running and dancing her way around every inch of the stage, singing while perched on people’s shoulders. I was also lucky enough to score a massive bear hug in the midst of the mosh pit the first time we saw them.

If you love a catchy and clever pop song or just can’t resist an infectious and upbeat ditty, then this is the band for you. Do yourself a favour and check them out.


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