Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: THE ROLLING STONES

Is this week’s choice too boring? Too obvious, safe, dull? Can a group of men pushing seventy even be relevant anymore?

See them live for the answer to that one.

The Stones were for so many of us the soundtrack to our parents lives, and we all grew up hearing Satisfaction on the radio, and being catchy it was something a very young person could sing along to. I got hold of a compilation cassette when I was about fourteen and thus began my own love for Mick, Keith, et al.

We saw them live twice in the early 2000’s, and from the second Keef strummed the first riff the atmosphere was electric. Standing right there in front of us was the stuff of rock music history: Altamont, Mick & Marianne, Keith & Anita, The Glimmer Twins, the drug busts, all the stories and legends: RIGHT THERE. Safe to say both husband and I pretty much lost our minds.

Their music stands the test of time and is the equivalent of comfort food. It’s familiar, comforting, and still awesome every time. Their back catalog waits patiently as I explore new sounds and artists, knowing I will return every time. I will never not love The Stones, no matter how wrinkled Mick gets or how incoherent Keith is. They are, quite simply, living legends and deserve all the accolades. One listen to Exile On Main Street 44 years after it’s release more than confirms that.

With way too many songs to choose from I’ve gone with one I can never skip past. Some of my favourites of their songs are their country/honky tonk influenced ones like Dead Flowers and Faraway Eyes, and their cluster of albums between 1968 and 1973 are regarded as their peak. {All of those albums are played the whole way through round these here parts. No skipping allowed.}

And if I’d been a teenage girl in the late 60’s/early 70’s?

Team Stones all the way.

  1. Love this and the Stones-another legendary band that’s always existed.


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