Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: THE DOORS


Like many people my age I first started getting into the music of The Doors in the very early 90’s, when there seemed to be a resurgence in it’s popularity. It may well have been popular all along {after all what did I know? I was listening to the Grease soundtrack most of the 80’s}, but I think that the Oliver Stone 1991 movie biography of the band was responsible for a huge swell around that time.

And what was not to like for a teenager? While bands like Nirvana captured our angst and frustrations, The Doors allowed us to find the dark beauty in lyrics that were pure poetry and came cloaked in carnival-esque music.

Plus it helped that Jim Morrison rocked leather pants like no-one’s business.


But it was his voice and poetry that gave life to the music, he could scream with the best of them but when he turned it down his voice was pure molten chocolate lava. His behaviour was pure 70’s rock: audacious, controversial, and hedonistic. He did in fact test the words of his favourite poets, and lived to find out where the boundaries ended and what was on the other side.

But sometimes artists like Jim just can’t sustain the intensity of a life lived always on the edge, and their light burns furiously fast while dazzling us for only a short time.

My husband and I did our own Morrison pilgrimage in ’93, spending time with other young people hanging around his grave in Paris, smoking and drinking and listening to The Doors. We ended the day outside the apartment building he died in. It was while we took photos of the building and debated our chances of getting inside the courtyard that we decided to have lunch in the restaurant right at our backs. Once inside the owner took one look at us and asked, “you want Morrison’s table?” Not having a clue we said okay, and there in a little alcove under a window facing the apartment building was the table and chair Jim had sat at for many hours. {Rattan bistro style and VERY threadbare, but who really knows?} There were {supposed} actual bathroom tiles from the apartment and lots of memorabilia and photos. As luck would have it the owner was born in Croatia, and he joined us as we all got roaring drunk in tribute to Morrison.

Its seemed like a fitting salute to the lizard king.

Here’s one of my favourite songs. Enjoy.



  1. I bloody love this with all my heart!! Great minds think alike as The Doors make an appearance this Sunday too 🀘🏻 Long live the Lizard King!! xo

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    1. Lol, what are the chances we pick the same band!!! Great minds for sure! xxx

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  2. One of my first CDs purchased was the Doors greatest hits double CD. My oldest brother had The Doors movie poster on his bedroom door for a while and I use to look at it all the time. I have nothing else to say about that except I remember staring at it like a weirdo! I was intrigued. Definitely went through a bit of a Doors thing when I got that double CD. A new world had opened up. Sometimes I miss that feeling of discovering music because even now when I LOVE something it’s rarely as all-consuming and fascinating and truly NEW sounding to me the way learning about the Doors was or other bands & groups was when I was a pre-teen!

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    1. It is amazing when you discover something new and fall into the worm hole with it.But maybe when we were younger there was so much unknown ahead of us, and we could imagine anything so that new music might have seemed to speak directly to us. Now I hear Taylor Swift singing about heartbreak and think, damn the girl has more romantic experience than I do, lol.



      1. I think you’re right! Plus, I’ve heard so much now. There was a time when I’d only heard of certain groups by their name and then finally heard them or realized a song I liked was by so-and-so and never knew it…that rarely happens now. All these legendary bands. But, I’m not someone who thinks there’s no good new music or rock is dead either. You’re right though 100%…it was all about being young and being able to fit into the lyrics.

        Ha!!That is funny=) But, maybe you’ve just got a fairytale romance which is absolutely so amazing–lucky gal!
        Romantic heartbreak is the worst. Sometimes I hear these pop love songs about like…teen true love or something, that I use to relate to but now I think “trust me, you’ll get over him, he’s not that great!”

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        1. No such thing as fairytales I’m afraid! And yes to not thinking that there’s no good music coming out (very grammatically wrong I’m sure, too many negatives). And your last line: so much yes!

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          1. Ok, you’re right again but you do have one of the all-time best “how we met” stories with your husband!!

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  3. Ana74x—If it’s OK, contributing my recent post on a Grateful Dead/Big Brother & the Holding Company/Quicksilver Messenger concert from the glorious days of 1967. I will have an interesting guest post on the Doors in about 3 days. πŸ™‚

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    1. πŸ™‚

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  4. Ana—thank you for letting me come crashing into your website–lol! I saw the Doors twice—first time in Los Angeles in 1967, second time in Santa Barbara in 1968. The first concert was really good. More than that though, I cannot overemphasize the amazing impact that the groundbreaking Doors debut album had in around June of 1967 (the Summer of Love)!! I was 18 (the perfect age for it) and in the big media city Los Angeles. It seemed like every car radio that summer was playing ‘Light My Fire’. There was a giant Doors poster on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. I could go on. I’m going to follow your blog. πŸ™‚

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    1. Wow, stories like make me wish I’d been born twenty years earlier! Thanks for sharing, and thank you for the follow!

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  5. It was Ana. We just had never heard a sound like the Doors had on that 1st album. Was so different!

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  6. Ana—hope you don’t mind if I ask you and your readers a totally unrelated question: do you guys do much with sidebars and widgets?? Being new, it seems like I could get by totally fine without them, but maybe I don’t even know what I need and don’t need. Thanks!



  7. Hi Ana! Just finalized my friend’s guest post on my blog. It’s a different take on the Doors which you may find interesting. πŸ™‚



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