Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: TAYLOR SWIFT

The iPod doesn’t lie my friends, and since Ms Swift features in at least half the songs on my Top 25 playlist {based on number of plays}, I figure she deserves a Sunday Sessions post.

Have I been listening to her music for very long? No, only since she released 1989.

Have I been playing catch up and immersing myself in her back catalogue like a woman possessed? Yes.

Does she manage to write lyrics befitting a person decades older and more experienced? Definitely. She’s a freak like that.

Do I love her more than I probably should? For sure.

There’s good reason she is one of THE most successful artists of her time, and while she might look sweet and cute she is in fact a very savvy businesswoman. She challenges the accepted status quo in order to preserve the integrity of the music she has created {hello Apple and Spotify}, she gives so much time and interaction to her fans both online and in real life, she backs up the mammoth sales with a huge world tour that demonstrates once again that her talent is no small thing.

She gave us #squadgoals.

And THIS hair:

But it’s all about the music really. The catchy, sweet yet sometimes edgy songs that speak what we can’t find the words for. From the early country days to the synth pop of today and who knows what’s ahead, she is where she is because she has an amazing gift.

Favourite song? Hard to pick, but I’m going with this one because it was the first video where I saw Taylor shake off the polish and shine to get gritty. But SOOO many, so many to choose from.

But for those ultimate #squadgoals you can’t go past this:

  1. She plays instruments too which is kind of rare these days. Her writing and stories resonate with people too.


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