Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: THE DANDY WARHOLS

There are a few bands I very reluctantly adopted. Bands that, for whatever reason, I didn’t want to like. Usually my husband loved them and played their music so much that I could take no more. Eventually at some stage that band would tour and I would, somewhat half heartedly, follow my husband along to the gig because that’s just the kind of wife I am.

Now The Dandys I didn’t hate at all, I just didn’t know very many songs and thought they began and ended with Bohemian Like You. By the time the gig rolled around and we had a spare ticket I thought what the hell, let’s go.

And like a rare few bands before them, their live show absolutely bowled me over and made me a fan for life.

What followed was my live review of that gig on my old blog {which you can read HERE}, which I naturally shared on social media, which the Dandys themselves then re-tweeted and shared on their Facebook page. {I think they called me Dandy infected, and in a very proud way 😉 }. To say they have my eternal devotion would be pretty accurate.

Their music is also brilliant, which I discovered both at the gig and for months after as I fell down the Dandys wormhole and became well and truly Dandy infected. And I was super excited last week when I saw that they’re touring Australia again later this year, and are also offering a VIP package to watch half the sound check and a “bullshit session” with the band afterwards as well as some signed merch.


And being a modern music worshiping gal there’s nothing like a band or artist you love embracing social media and actually using it to engage and interact with their fans, and the Dandys do this better than most. From sharing my old post to wishing my husband a happy birthday to liking a recent tweet to reposting fan photos on Instagram I can’t help coming over all teenage fangirl when just for a second a band you love knows you exist.

The band themselves said it best with their first album title:

Dandys rule OK.

Ok indeed.

  1. That is actually really cool–that they or whoever interacts and appreciative of your post, taking a moment to be friendly back to their fans. Sometimes bands being TOO COOL to care or pay attention or respond is just lame. Being friendly and noticing is kind and it’s good marketing and it’s SO EXCITING–right there with you “they know I exist!”


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