Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: SONIC YOUTH

First off: I do not know every song or album ever released by this band.

Fact nonetheless: I love the shit out of them.

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Going way back to about ’91 I became aware of this cool {with a capital K} band who had this whole too-cool-for-every-fucking-thing vibe happening. They were not that pretentious kind of cool, rather that deep in their marrow effortless kind of cool with avant garde musical chops and helped by the fact that every band I discovered back then listed them as a hero.

Listening to their music now Sonic Youth still blows me away with how fucking cool they were. By all accounts they’re cool people too, as evidenced by their long friendships with fellow musical artists of their time and the near hero worship of fellow artists. Kim Gordon, sole female in the band and bass player, is a personal hero of mine, with her autobiography being one of best reads all last year.

Their music pushed the boundaries and took avant garde to the masses. At a time when the likes of MC Hammer and Milli Vanilli were dominating the charts Sonic Youth were putting out music that made us stop and pay attention, made us think what the fuck was THAT? 

Favourite album for me would have to be Dirty, with songs like 100%, Swimsuit Issue, and Sugar Kane. It was also the first album of theirs I heard and who’s with me when I say that the first one you hear usually ends up being a favourite?

  1. At the time I didn’t totally know who they were- I knew the name and didn’t know the music but that didn’t stop me from watching a special on Sundance late at night when I was sleeping over at my Aunt & Uncle’s (they had some cable channels we did not-like Sundance!) I was totally enthralled and thought they were so cool plus there was a bunch of Smashing Pumpkins stuff on it and I was obsessed with them.
    I don’t know all their songs either and probably never will but that shouldn’t stop you from loving the shit out of them, as you put it. I still haven’t read her book but it’s on my list. Looking even more forward to that since you regard it so highly.


    1. Yeah it’s funny sometimes you just absorb something without even knowing much about it. I really only listen to two albums but I’m pretty sure that one day I’ll get lost for days in their catalogue.

      Smashing Pumpkins I never really got into apart from their bigger singles which were everywhere. Cherub Rock is still my fave song of theirs.


      1. It’s kind of cool to know it’s there too…all those songs waiting for you to hear them for the first time. I’m sure I thought I was awesome being able to tell a friend “I watched a documentary on Sonic Youth on the Sundance Channel last weekend” even though I probably couldn’t tell who was in the band if my life depended on it. Now, Smashing Pumpkins is one that I can confidently say I know every second of every album. There’s only one I didn’t love and don’t listen too.
        You’ve got such good taste in music…I wonder what your next Sunday Sessions will feature. 🎤🎧🎶


        1. Lol at my good taste in music. At our place I’m known for picking the lamest things! I just steal all their good stuff.


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