Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: PIXIES

The Pixies. {Although they seem to have dropped the word The at some point when I wasn’t paying attention, playing havoc with my iTunes library.}

Probably the very first “cool” and “credible” band that would stand the test of time that I ever liked. Thanks in large part to a small window of time where both my future husband and my cousin, both huge musical influences, spent endless hours playing the Pixies 1991 album Trompe le Monde.

Back then I was still mostly a sucker for any one hit wonder or metal pretty boy and a l m o s t  on the cusp of discovering some very cool music, The Pixies hooked me in an instant with their catchy pop-py guitar fuzz soaked ditties. Plus there was a girl singing somewhere in there too, always a good thing in my opinion.

It took me a while to get into their other albums but they have been one of those rare bands who just win me over with pretty much anything they do. The only time I was less than impressed was when they last toured Australia and tickets were $250 each. Yes it was at the Sydney Opera House and yes the band may not have had a say, but with two sons who also wanted to come along that would have come in at a staggering $1000 for our family to go to a gig. Sorry, but not happening.

Bloody kids.

But then one of their songs comes on and we’re friends again. I can’t be mad at a band that makes such perfect music.

I’m going to go with the obvious song here, one that anyone who has never even heard of The Pixies will no doubt know. But definitely a favourite in our house.

Plus one of my favourite interview moments ever came when a bunch of musicians were being asked what the name of the first band was. Pixies frontman Black Francis nonchalantly answered: “The Pixies.” Gold.

  1. Getting caught up on your blog & all things URL–love this Pixies-positive post! I saw them years ago and it was fantastic and unfortunately haven’t been able to repeat that. They were in Rochester recently and couldn’t make that happen. Holy smokes, $250 per ticket?! To which I say: DANG! That is expensive. Lawd! Totally understand your decision to skip that. I’m stingier and stingier on buying tickets as time goes on, for some reason, but $250 is seriously a huge chunk of cash regardless of who its for. That’s like Madonna/Rolling Stones ticket money. Not that The Pixies aren’t worth it but who reasonably has $1000 collecting dust just waiting to be spent on a show…I certainly don’t. Hope you are well!


    1. Yes, $1000 is too much no matter who it’s for. So jealous that you’ve seen them, I still haven’t managed to.

      All good, there was a post which I took down which explained that I’ve sold the cafe. Was loving it so much but needed to put my family first. I’ll still be working one day a fortnight so that’s good.

      Hope things are going well with you. Xxx


      1. Whoooaaa! So that’s where the entry I clicked from your twitter today went. It said no post could be found. You should be proud of yourself for making the huge decision to sell for the good of your family….I’m sure that was a tough one to think over. You’ve got a little one at home, too. You’ve reminded me of when my mom confessed a few years ago that if she could do it all over again she’d be a stay at home mom instead of working full time because she was always exhausted and I think she feels like she should’ve been with her kids and was needed. That’s a sad regret for her to have. And I always wanted her home. New start for you but you still get some cafe time which sounds like a great fit-congrats on the change.


        1. You know what? Your words are what I needed to hear more than anything. I always wanted my mum at home too and she always worked, and I know she needed to. And it was a really hard decision and I felt like I had to justify it, so I did a post but then thought, no I don’t have to explain.

          All in all it was 100% positive and I’m happy to still be involved. But it really does feel like the right decision, and I’m trying to think if what to do next that has more time for family. Thanks so much for your comment. Xxx


          1. Thanks for sharing your news with me even though you made a great point which is that you don’t have to explain. The only people who who are entitled to hearing about this choice are you and your family and nobody else. If you choose to share then go ahead but if you don’t that is perfectly fine and nobody should feel entitled to your decision and reasoning behind it. Hopefully everybody you know be it acquaintances in life or online or friends or relatives are on that same page. If they’re not, they need to butt out=)
            I’m glad that little tidbit helps too–I would NEVER tell my mom that her wish to go back and do it differently is right on, because I don’t want to make her feel guilt but when I thought that through it became evident to me how differently some things might’ve been much better in extremely important ways which probably aren’t fodder for a blog comment at this time but trust me–I needed my mom. That being said I understand she felt she had to work and I see all the rewards of that work. I appreciate the trips we took growing up, all the after school activities, lessons and sports we could afford to do, the big Christmases and birthdays and everything else but when it comes down to it I think a kid just wants a safe, clean, comfortable home and time with their parents or at least one them more often. I know I did and it didn’t work out that way. You’re doing the right thing! You accomplished one of your dreams, to run a cafe, and you’re in control and choosing the thing with the bigger reward. No shame in that. Good luck!


            1. Yeah I feel the same re my own mum working. It does allow for those extras but the trade off is less time together. I missed those little things which I tried to give my kids, and have mostly been able to. But life isn’t always exactly the way that we’d love it to be I guess, there are always trade off’s and sacrifice.

            2. “always trade off’s and sacrifice” either way, well said.

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