What she did next.*

Times of change are fun, no?

Maybe not if the changes are out of your hands, but when you make the decision to change your life in a big way, like moving house/state/country, changing jobs, etc, it can be a really exciting time. Loaded with stress, yes, but most of the time change is good.

I’m now at one of those crossroads where I’ve sold the cafe to focus on family again, I don’t know exactly what’s ahead job wise, and I’m okay with that.


And after almost a year of my whole mind being saturated with everything cafe related {which I enjoyed immensely}, I’m excited at the prospect of what life will bring now that I have sold it. And I find that I’m yearning for whatever that something new may be, whether it’s as big as a new job in a new field I haven’t experienced yet or as small and simple as a new hair colour.

Even getting back to old familiar routines is another change right now, as I jump back on the school run and get the chance to wear all my gorgeous and much missed frocks EVERY DAY again. Like I said, little things.

This blog is in for some changes too, as having blogged less this last year has helped me to see previous posts with fresh eyes, and I’m over analysing and sharing all my own thoughts so much. {After this post though πŸ˜‰ }. So maybe it’s time to be more light hearted and frivolous where blogging is concerned, and less serious and introspective.

Was I ever introspective though if it was shared so publicly? Hmmm…

As for serious…


*She actually has no idea what’s next, but will no doubt have fun trying to figure it out.


  1. Good luck! Super exciting times ahead πŸ™‚ xo


  2. I love your fresh-start-attitude and looking forward to the future=)


    1. I haven’t got much to complain about really, so onward and upward is the way to go. xxx


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