What she actually did next*.

*After she got off Snapchat and stopped taking selfies. Because, you know, nice clothes and makeup.


Lots of housework.

Got the cracked front window repaired that a certain cat may or may not have cracked with her fat bum.

{Ok so she didn’t actually break it, but she sure does lean on it a lot.}

Went to a random cafe and was the customer.

Culled a mountain of black clothes, old handbags, and never worn heels from her closets and drawers.

Found clothes she didn’t remember buying. Also found two pairs of sunglasses she bought and couldn’t find.

Hung bed sheets ON THE ACTUAL CLOTHES LINE once again.

Cooked a meal for dinner requiring more than thirty minutes. In fact it took about four hours, but who was watching the clock?

Made neat piles of all the paperwork that needs sorting.

Greeted her family with a big smile when they all got home.

Realised as she was typing this post that while it all sounded like some outdated notion of 1950’s style domesticity, it was actually the modern reality of being a stay at home wife and mother, one who had plenty to keep her very busy.

Was stoked to discover that putting family first doesn’t make her a lady of leisure, it just makes her happy.

Binged on Netflix in bed that night and got up ready to do it all again the next day.

2016-07-22 08.41.15

{And probably spent a bit of time blogging}.


  1. Oh my god so stylish. You deserve some TV time after completing that giant to-do list. What Netflix are you bingeing? Did you hear about the new Real Housewives? Set in Auckland. Wonder when it airs here.


    1. Been watching Roadies and started Strange Things (I think it’s called, with Winona?), but too late at night. And no I haven’t heard of Auckland but they did announce the Sydney cast this week.


      1. Stranger Things and me too! I like movies she’s in but I’ve never liked her much (though I’m aware everybody else is obsessed with her) but I like her in this series a lot and think its one of her best roles and she’s nailing it. I didn’t know there was a Sydney RH now!!!!!!!!!!!! Or did I? Am I nuts? I think I was only aware of Melbourne.


        1. Lol. Sydney about to start filming. And I love winona.


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