Pretty in pink.

Sometimes you can just be chilling on a Sunday evening, watching a movie, relaxing, when from out of nowhere a thought can just appear in your head from, LITERALLY, out of nowhere.

A thought like, maybe I should dye my hair pink.

Since then I’ve looked at so many pictures of rose gold/pink/candy floss hair that I swear I’m dreaming in pink.

For now I have enough sense to sit on it and let the idea marinate.

What’s the craziest hair colour you have ever tried?

P.S. Top left and mini collage bottom centre are the hot favourites. 😉


*All images courtesy of Pinterest and Instagram.

  1. wow – so pretty! I have dark hair so getting to pink would be a massive effort 🙂 I went black when I was younger and I look back at the photos and it looks so harsh and fake and not great!


    1. Yeah, my hairdresser actually stuffed up last time and I’m way too dark at the moment, but apart from being scared of the damage I may end up doing it! The kids are all, go for it!


  2. Pink hair is so gorgeous!! I’ve always been envious of it ever since the Gwen Stefani days (and I can’t get away with it with my skin tone sadly). I think it’s such a feminine, glowy and pretty color. Rose gold especially. I think you can pull it off and you should freaking do it or some variation at the very least. I love the examples you showed because they incorporate natural looking brown hair in too–a little sophisticated or something, though, a full head of pink is hot to trot too!
    More of a response than you probably wanted:
    I had a scary blondish-orange color once which was very very bad but temporary. There ARE photos but I will probably burn them before I post them. I’ve had purple’s, blue’s and strips of fire engine red (<—but that red lasted for a couple of weeks because my mom somewhat violently pulled me into our bathroom and chopped my hair up, then made me dye it brown. She was also upset because I had a nail through my ear and she called me a junior criminal…those were the days.
    The last time my entire head was purple was a good year ago.
    I dyed it a normal old dark brown recently after returning a box of green dye because my boss asked me "Are you a punk? I don't like all that very much" and I took that as a sign to not dye it green. I would love some kind of silver gray color, dark green and ALWAYS want to go back to purple or blue even if it's more subtle. I've had black hair and blue-black many times but I'm not sure I would go back to that anymore because I think it makes me look like an old, washed out, harsh, tired witch ( in a bad way.) No offenses to old, cool witches who are also tired.

    Anyway-love this topic! Looking forward to seeing (if you care to share) whatever you go with but I think something rosy and pinky would be just beautiful and oh so cool.


    1. Lol, I’ve had the scary blonde-orange, it just doesn’t work on dark hair.

      The sad update is that today I had my hair lightened to a light-ish brown, and it is so fried. Like, after just one very gentle session with bleach. I now have to nurse it back to health, but fingers crossed I do the rose gold pink one day as soon as my hair can take it. Even my hairdresser flat out refused to do pink on me. 🙁


      1. That scary blonde was that result of bleaching and giving it a rest before the intended hair color-not a good look!! One of my best friends awkwardly blurted out “I’m sorry but I hate it.”
        Omggg–she or he fried your hair!?😦 Sorry to hear that….use it as an excuse to buy a lot of hair masks and deep conditioners. That sucks though wtf. Don’t give up the rose gold dream!! 🌠


        1. Ok so two weeks ago they left my colour on for too long (FORGOT TO RINSE) and it was nearly black, which looks shit on me and makes me look awful. So they offered to fix it but of course had to bleach it. So just by lightening a few shades to get it medium brown it now feels like steel wool on the ends. I have been absolutely throwing everything at it and there’s a tiny improvement but it’s got a way to go. So now I’m worried that intensive colours like pink will kill it.

          It’s so hard lightening as a dark brunette, every time I aim for even highlights by the second or third go it’s orange. Maybe our hair has a lot of natural red in it?


          1. OH MY GOSH…I feel you on the orange! I got caramel highlights 6 years ago except they weren’t caramel they were orange! The colorist ran out of dye and instead of making a new one she used up some other similar color. I overheard the conversation she had with another salon worker and I should’ve spoken up and didn’t. She did the highlights and at the end they looked orange to me and she kept saying they were subtle and I felt like I was going insane. I ended up dying my entire head a raspberry red to tint my brown hair reddish and change the orange highlights to red. Thankfully that looked better and I got compliments.
            It sucks this happened to you–they have a responsibility to do your hair right and if they screw up they should be doing everything they can to correct it. Ugh! I’d be worried to go more rosy too…maybe give it a few months to grow out more so you can chop off the ends? I don’t know=(
            I’d be so annoyed.


  3. Loving all these pics! Makes me want to try some color in my hair 😍


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