So this is 42…

Forty-two sounds really old you guys.

Like, the fun-thirties-are-over-and-shit-is-serious-now kind of old. But I would probably be freaking out a whole lot more if I didn’t still have a small remnant of that old Pollyanna positivity buried somewhere deep inside, and I figure that I’ve done okay thus far. Four kids who are all pretty cool people and a husband who still makes me gooey inside are what makes my world tick, and the rest is all just a bonus.

Back in my teens or twenties if I had stopped to imagine myself at this age I would have got it so wrong. I just know I would have imagined some perfectly respectable and well behaved OLD fucker who probably didn’t know how to have any fun. I would have pictured myself as dressing “appropriately” for my age and would have had my fingers {and everything else} crossed that I wasn’t going to be fighting the maternal-family fat wars which loomed as inevitable.

I wouldn’t have smoked, loved alcohol, or sworn as much as I actually do.

I would not have written anything for purely creative reasons in decades, and would not have been to a “concert” in forever.

Well, thank fuck I got all that wrong then!

Instead at 42 I am…

…stupidly taking a birthday selfie first thing upon waking then filtering the shit out of it because you know, 42 now. Fuck that #nofilter lark.

…not really giving that much of a shit about looking older.

…wondering when I’m going to start feeling old.

…wondering when I can have my first drink of the day {it’s my birthday isn’t it?}.

…gearing up to celebrate my second child’s 21st birthday next week at the exact age I was when he was born.

…looking forward to my own birthday celebrations first though that involve a fancy hotel room and lots of drinks.

…vegan. Like seriously, who ever would have thunk it? Vegetarian maybe, but never vegan.

…still talking shit for hours on the phone with my cousin.

…still hiding chocolate. Which is actually hard when two of your sons are taller than you are and one of them is a very determined little bugger.

…STILL listening to and loving music, and still wondering about people who don’t love it and NEED it in their lives.

…an online shopping champion.

…coming to terms with not having had a university education and finally being okay with it, and still super proud at how awesome I was at running my cafe.

…learning to be kinder to myself.

…open to new ideas and opinions, as long as you’re not a douchebag.

…still just me. NO matter how much a person learns and/or changes, at heart I’m still giggling and cheerful and optimistic, despite that thing called real life. I just say fuck a lot more than I ever thought I would. I’m also better at standing up for myself than I ever thought possible. In fact I’m getting really good at the whole not-taking-shit thing, and that’s something that is only possible because I’m older.

{Not the birthday selfie, a slightly better one}

So happy birthday to me, and cheers to 42!

















  1. happy BD! I hear ya, I remember thinking how old everyone 40-plus was, and now I am in the club and I still feel like a teenager most days… Have a drink now! My 8 yo made me breakfast in bed for my bday last week and there may or may not have been champers #TotallyWas


    1. Lol, the kids are supposed to be taking me out for breakfast but the two that drive are still in bed! So lunch it is and I’m thinking guacamole and margaritas at Mejico.

      And thank you. xxx


  2. Happy birthday Ana! 42 looks good on you xx


    1. Thanks babe. Xxx


  3. Happy happy birthday Ana! 🎂


    1. Thank you. Xxx


      1. Party it up and do that 42 right.


          1. The harbor view you posted was unbelievable


            1. Omg I actually think I might do a whole post, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was. We kept joking we were living the rock star life. Minus the rock star bit. And the drugs. Lol.

            2. It looked like some rock star shit! Sooooo fannncaaayyy and glam.

  4. Happy birthday Ana
    Sorry I missed it! Just quietly the other side of 42 isn’t so bad either! I was 45 this year and I have survived it! xoxo


    1. Actually 42 has been fantastic so far and I’m looking forward to my 40’s (just not 50!). Xxx


        1. Lol. It does now…


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