Every day should be your birthday…

Believe it or not, if all you saw were these two latest posts, I’m not actually one of those people who makes a fuss of her birthday. I mean, I sure don’t want to be ignored but nor do I need lots of attention. As long as my husband and kids and the people who I’m close to remember and I get to enjoy a nice dinner and some drinks I’m a happy camper.

Except for the ten year milestones. My 40th was big and I’d been waiting for it with great excitement for a long time. The next one, however, is 50 and because I’m not actually able to process that I’m yet to whip up any enthusiasm.

So 42 rolled around last week, and while I had booked a hotel in the city and dinner at one of my favourite tapas places a couple of months ago {just after the cafe sold and I could finally envisage a normal life again}, when the actual day was upon us my oldest son offered to take me out for breakfast, as he wouldn’t be home that night for dinner.

Long story short: all four kids and myself went out for lunch.

Because you know, they don’t actually wake up for breakfast.

And there was no way the other three were missing out.

I’ve posted about Mejico restaurant on my former blog and consider myself very fortunate to have one at Miranda, a mere hop skip and jump away. {Or about fifteen minutes away if you insist on driving}. And you bet there were margaritas at lunch time. The third one was on the house because the staff are awesome and I may have brazenly asked for a freebie because it was my b-day.

Side note: one of the best things about Mejico: lots of vegetarian options. And it would seem that while I am a very good little vegan at home as soon as I eat out it’s just so fucking hard finding vegan options. So am I a bad vegan or just a really dedicated vegetarian? Fucked if I know.

The fun continued at home with takeaway pizza on the menu, bottles of champagne, and SingStar battles to finish the night in style. Without question one of the best birthdays ever.

But then came the night in the city.

Kids were left to look after each other and off we went.

I knew I had splurged on a harbour view room but when we walked in both my husbands and my jaws hit the floor.

Then there was the most insane view from bed, dinner at Subsolo, meandering around the city on our late night walk back to the hotel, the chilled bottle of French bubbles waiting in the ice bucket, and late night fries in bed while looking out at all the twinkling lights across the gorgeously lit up harbour. And then waking up to that incredible view again. So very decadent and so fucking rock and roll.

And it only took me only about twenty tries until I finally figured out how to get a panoramic shot of the whole room.

I don’t have a lot of confidence that the whole year will be this fabulous because, you know, real life and all that, but it was certainly a brilliant way to deal with being a year older. And thank you to everyone who passed on birthday wishes, I felt very special this year.

And it’s not like I don’t enjoy a margarita or some champagne most nights of the week.

Oh and to my kids: SingStar is here to stay.


  1. That room is AMAZING!!! I don’t think I would have left! You know right about now my ideal birthday would be just me alone in a hotel room with that kind of amazing view, room service and my laptop lol! I know how to rock a party lol!


    1. It was so beautiful, and it was definitely hard to go home! But I guess that’s why it was special.


  2. Looks so stinking luxurious that I can’t stand it! Good for you celebrating the way you deserve, keeping the important people close and oh my god does that entire night you described sound like a dream or a scene out of a movie. One last Happy Birthday!


    1. Thank you, I’m still not sure how it was all so awesome!


      1. It’s because you are awesome and you planned an awesome night like a rockstar.
        If I am ever lucky enough (yeah, right)to get to Sydney I’m gonna have to go to that hotel and request the Ana rockstar room. You have been looking so sincerely happy in the pictures you’ve posted recently and honest to God glowing and I hope that that continues for you throughout the rest of year 42 because of everything that you have gone through over the past couple of years, because of everything that I know you do for everyone else( it’s easy to see just from reading your blog and it doesn’t even seem like you know you are doing it ), because of all the plates you’ve had spinning at once, because you are open minded, open and kindhearted you really really deserve it. It’s just nice to see somebody celebrate their birthday the way they want and seem appreciated by the people that they are always so proud of and cheering on which is the way you are about your family in your blogs. Did I already send one last happy birthday? One more, happy birthday!


        1. Such a beautiful comment, thank you so much.

          I was just saying last night at dinner that despite the cafe being a success I am really content and happiest when I can have the time to focus on family and home. And I know that’s not very feminist of me but maybe being able to make that choice and own it is in some way. Funnily enough, as to the last couple of years, a very acrimonious text message exchange with my mum on my birthday somehow didn’t even affect me. So it’s good to know that despite occasional blips from them, I am in a far better place than I was.
          I guess at the end of the day I might just be lucky to be experiencing one of the ups on the roller-coaster ride of life.


          1. There’s nothing un or anti feminist about your choice! As you pointed out you have the choice to do what you want- you didn’t pick it because of a prescribed gender role. Women being strong, self respecting and ambitious isn’t limited to women who own a business or have careers. You have chased after your dreams, you actually did it with the café (pretty cool!) And then after the experience you decided what you wanted to do next, you weighed the options and pro’s and con’s and you ultimately chose a different lifestyle because it’s the one that makes you thrive and feel happy in your family. I just call that smart😉 It’s not like you give it up because you feel pressure to be dependent on your husband and act more like a lady or something – you thoughtfully considered everyone around you namely your family, and how you wanted to spend your very precious time with them and it’s not like you’re on some permanent vacation now either. I think if a lot of people were able to take the time to stop and clear out the junk and see what’s important to them and be able to rearrange their life to maximize that the way you did, they would be a lot happier.
            Ick- I wish your mother wouldn’t treat you like that but glad you’ve got a handle on getting through it. When will it end.


        2. And it would be so cool if we could actually meet one day!


          1. If I ever get down there you’ll be the first to know!


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