On keeping it reel.

We can’t mark a milestone birthday in our house without some kind of visual tribute.

Over the years I have made birthday videos and slide shows, and if I’m being completely honest, spent way more hours putting them together than was probably normal. And this week as we prepare for son number two’s 21st birthday celebrations has proven no different.

Being a sentimental kind of person who loves photos and can never get enough of the old ones it’s the kind of project I love. Not least because of all the discoveries made every time of which I keep forgetting about.

Like how besotted I was with my two baby boys. Born just twelve months and three weeks apart, my days revolved around them and there was no more content and satisfied person in the universe. Even with that shocking DIY haircut I had at one stage. Why the actual fuck did I think I could cut my own hair?!

And that time I dressed up as Tinkerbell for fucks sake, to attend the fortieth birthday party of someone who had been a close and long time friend, only to have that night be the last time we saw each other.

And what a doll my baby girl was. Literally. She was my real life dress up doll, and so cute that even her brothers couldn’t resist.

And how much Mr 8-next-week has changed, being almost unrecognisable from his baby photos. He actually points to baby pics of his brothers and thinks it’s him. But being the baby by ten years and having being born firmly in the digital age there are probably four times more photos of him than of his siblings combined, of which probably half will never actually make it to being printed out.

And mostly how real we all were back then, in the days before Instagram and filters. Like, REAL, pimples and all. No trout pouts, no Anastasia’ed eyebrows, no 298 selfies to get the best one. Most of the time no makeup, no designer label clothes or “it” bags of the moment. You’d use up a roll of film, get it developed, and hope for the best.

A N D the best thing is that I get to do another one early next year when my daughter hits 18.

But the best thing in the world is when someone sends you old photos of yourself and other loved ones that you have never seen. When my grandmother passed away recently we all dug through lots of old photos, and this particular gem was sent to me by cousins.

Yes, the fat dungaree clad “boy” on the trike is yours truly. Little Miss Smiley pants in pink was the one to send it along.

Do you love old photos? Was it better when we took less of them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.




  1. I love trawling through old, yellowed snaps! My sis and I were just talking about the days of taking a whole roll of film to the chemist only to discover you spend $30+ on photos that didn’t turn out LOL! x


    1. I know, you’d be lucky to get a few good ones! So funny. And selfies were pretty much impossible!


  2. Oh my word, those photos are darling! Making photo/slide shows or some photo project is sucha wonderful tradition. I love old photos!! Love seeing long gone relatives, though it’s sad, and pictures from places that can never be returned too, at least they’re preserved in a way besides my memory. I don’t think it was better when we took less, I wish I was able to take more. But, I think for a lot of people there’s a preciousness that’s been lost and they are taken for granted. I like to make photo albums of all my trips and all sorts of other stuff and I am way way way behind on it, you just made me want to go through everything, dump every photo out, and start a major project.


    1. I love the photos of long gone relatives too. And it is the preciousness that seems to have been lost. I’m actually thinking of some projects too! When I get time I’m going to look online to see what’s available to make yourself, mauve start with a photo book.


      1. Photo books are so much fun to make as a gift and I usually have a duplicate made for myself to keep because I’ve learned that once I see the finished product I love it so much I wish I had one. When I give them as gifts they are always a huge huge hit but sadly I have never received one as a gift except for a few albums when I was little that my grandma made for me and I totally cherish them. I would love it if someone made me a photo book or an album. Hmpf!
        If you find any spectacular picture project ideas you should share them on your blog. 📷


        1. I’ve never thought of a photo book as a gift but it’s absolutely perfect, personal and it shows you put time and thought into it. I’ll let you know how I go. Probably next year though at this rate!


          1. I think I misread your previous comment and somehow warped it into saying that you had made photo books and were going to make another one. But, yes, totally make one! Even if it is next year. I’ve made some of them online and had them shipped to me, and I used to work in a photo lab so I’d design them online and then put them together myself during my shift (which is naughty!!)-they almost get addicting. Next thing you know you’ll make one for each of your kids and some family books for every holiday and every vacation and then you’ll probably have one just like dedicated to every time you’ve seen Kathleen Hanna or your musical heroes….but they’re awesome so who cares. There’s also premade photo books with little window slots so you can slide your own photos in and be done in 10-15 minutes if you don’t obsessively rearrange. But I am sensing that I am talking way too much about this now. I sound like a psycho scrapbooker but I promise I am not.


            1. Lol. You psycho scrapbooker you.

  3. Ana
    You are the best mum! And I completely agree I think that my favourite photos are the old ones where you didn’t know how they looked until you got the print back and you half the time forgot that you had taken that photo!!! My Nannie had an auto focus camera and refused to wear her glasses when taking photos so would auto focus to her eyesight and we would get roll after roll after roll of unfocused photos we love her dearly for all her unfocused photos!
    C xo
    PS Did you see my link up??
    PPS My big claim to fame apart from dancing on the bar at Karmens (Miranda Pub!) a story my parents love to tell everyone, was that there used to be in years gone by photos of me on the wall at Karmens! They used to have a big collation of photos (like we had on our bedroom walls as teenagers!) and there were a number of photos of me on there dancing on the bar, in lingerie, in my nightie, in my formal dress. It was very cool!!!


    1. Thanks Cat. Yeah the endless put of focus shots were part and parcel weren’t they? And I love that story about your nan.

      Will check out the link up, it’s crazy here atm!

      Carmen’s hall of fame! Go you! Xxx


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