For a while there Friday’s stopped having any special excitement for me, as anyone who works weekends would know. It didn’t exactly stop me from pretending that I had the next day off though, judging by the amount of mornings I turned up at the cafe ever so slightly hungover.

But now that things are different Fridays have resumed their regular status of being that night when you just have to let loose a bit and look forward to the weekend, whether there are big exciting plans or {even better} nothing at all planned.

Last weekend did wrap up all the birthdays but there’s still plenty happening. This week I’m saying thank God it’s Friday because:

  • there’s a wedding to go to on Saturday, giving us all the chance to get extra dressed up and all be in the same place. Always a nice combo. Plus there will be lots of people we all know there and it’s close to home.
  • there may be an unexpected birthday celebration which I don’t want to mention here just in case I get the chance to surprise some people I love to bits but haven’t seen for years.
  • it looks like I may have found a hairdresser I can trust again. And despite the fact that they also can’t seem to find some magic way to give me thicker longer hair overnight, visit one was a success. The colour is every bit as rich and luscious looking as the picture I showed them, and my hair felt like actual silk when I got home. {And yes I couldn’t stop feeling it and made everyone touch it to see for themselves.}

  • our new car will be ready for pick up in less than a week. Not that I’m into cars AT ALL but after waiting five months for the car that will see us downsize from our seven-seat people mover, {which we’ve driven two versions of for seventeen years}, to a zippy little hatchback I am actually excited. Plus it has all the fancy mod cons like bluetooth music playback, so no more syncing iPod every time I want to hear a new song. Actually it has a few too many mod cons and I’m a little scared of it to be honest. {I mean, the car can park itself for fucks sake.}
  • Son number one had his very last class ever at university this week, while his sister has one exam left next week after which she is finished high school forever. So very proud of both of them.
  • I’ve started looking at the earlybird airfares for Europe 2017. {Which look very good and will most likely be booked asap.} And you know what that means? Yep, more excuses to shop.

  • The Dandy Warhols at Luna Park next week. Plus hubby and I also splurged on VIP passes which gets us in for a portion of soundcheck, and if I read it correctly, some kind of meet and greet with the band. YES!!!
  • being able to watch the newest episodes of American Horror Story online just hours after they air. No thanks to all the region-specific sites that don’t like Australia, but big props to Gaga Daily for having high quality episodes available with no location lock outs. {And thank goodness Lady Gaga is in it too I guess.}
  • being scared shitless while watching AHS. Like, actual can’t-look-at-the-screen scared, and that tense anticipation of thinking there’s going to be another scare any second and being on the edge of your seat waiting. Brilliant stuff. I don’t think I’ve found it this scary since season one.

That’s actually a lot of good stuff for one week I reckon.

Have a good weekend folks.



  1. The weekend sounds exciting!
    A car that parks itself sounds bloody scary if you ask me!!!
    Where did you used to have a cafe? You are Shire folk right?
    Talk soon xoxo


    1. Yeah the car is probably smarter than I am to be honest.

      Cafe was at engadine, the new owner has just changed the name this week and they have the best coffee in engadine hands down.


  2. Hoooo, good lord you still have so much going on but it all sounds like good and positive things. You are not kidding your Octobers are crazy. Congrats on the new car! Congrats on finding a new colorist etc. and that you are loving your new hair. What color did you go for?
    I am excited to catch up on AHS. I was totally out of it on Tuesday night and fell asleep around 10 thinking it was actually Wednesday so when I woke up the next day I thought I had missed AHS and therefore actually missed it on Wednesday night. So stupid. You’re making it sound so great.S2 had some scary stuff but it was all too sick and weird for me and I don’t look back on that season with fondness. One was the only one that was really scary to me and though I am enjoying the season hasn’t been scary. I hope that it’s everything you say in the next episode – I’m excited!!!
    Oh yes and: what color is your new car?
    Keep enjoying these Fridays🍷


    1. Hair colour a deep reddish brown, car dark grey.

      I might enjoy Friday night too much for someone who mostly stays home and has a few too many drinks.

      Hope you’re well and getting better. X.


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