The letters series: a letter to 2016.

Dear 2016,


While personally I can’t complain too much at what you have dished out to me in my own tiny little corner of the universe, on a bigger scale you have, unquestionably, been an unmitigated and audacious shocker.

Have you been drunk all year?


I mean, taking Lemmy at the very end of 2015 was, for my husband in particular as well as so many others, kind of a shit way to even start the year. But then you had to go and take Prince and David Bowie too. PRINCE. AND BOWIE. And isn’t it funny {strange-funny, not ha-ha funny because this is no laughing matter} that the whole universe has been a bit off tilt since those two other-worldly talents exited it?

Then there was Vanity, Professor Snape {FFS}, and Leonard Cohen.

You fucking took Willy Wonka.

You even decided to take my grandmother, whose face I still can’t picture without tears welling.

Brexit and Trump. Is the whole world going mad??? {And just quietly Brexit voters: you have to be fucking kidding, right? It’s Europe FFS. Try living on the other side of the world for a bit.}

Now I know there is still enough time left for you to outdo yourself, what with you being a sadistic fuck and all, but why don’t you just close out the rest of this year by putting your feet up and having a lie down? Maybe lay off the schnapps or magic mushrooms or whatever the heck has made you so reckless, and maybe try and be all hippy-trippy-peace-and-love and all that shit for another six weeks or so?

Now I know you were good to me and my family and yes, there will be a very grateful blog post or letter thanking you and the universe and the higher powers for all of that. But that doesn’t make all the rest of it okay, you hear me? Please, no more fucking with us. And please please please let Trump surprise everyone. {In a good way.} Otherwise we are all just not going to cope.

Maybe take a cue from the fat bearded guy in the red suit waiting to enter stage right any day now, and make generosity and joy your focus from now on. Enough with the terrorism and natural disasters, enough with taking all the good and talented people to hang out far away from us, let’s just wrap things up on a high note.

And if you weren’t sure what that looks like think kittens and puppies, happy faces, and less of the whole people with nothing but shock and wtf written all over their faces thing.

Thank you.

And maybe tell 2017 that being a dick is no way to be popular.





  1. AMEN! Preach girl! x


  2. Why is it a dude because of Trump? Also, too late for Trump…he’s knee deep in white supremacy at the moment. S C A R Y shit.
    I’m sorry you lost your grandmother….this stupid pos 2016.
    2016 is definitely drunk. Drunk, belligerent and spiraling downwards.
    I DO hope you and your family manage a peaceful, healthy, and happy end to the year though with a picture perfect holiday. 🎄


    1. Your 2016 was harder than mine I dare say. ❤️

      I have noticed Trump back pedalling which is typical. Dude because…male solidarity?

      Here’s to a better brighter 2017 for everyone.


      1. Ohhhh, welllll unfortunately women are as responsible since more white women voted for him than for HRC…can you believe that? Makes me sick.
        People are so scared. What a horrific nightmare this is.
        2016 sucks but 2017 is going to be 1,000 times worse if he’s inaugurated. Ugh.

        ANYWAY, what are your December plans? Do you have a holiday party at your house? Are you doing a vegan feast?!

        A better, brighter 2017 is a lovely thing to wish for everyone. TY! 😃


        1. Yeah, I read that the women’s vote was the shocker. 😡

          I’ve really got my (Pollyanna) fingers crossed. I live in hope.

          Not much planned for Christmas yet. It’s a bittersweet thing because I always loved having so many people around, and with the exit of my family, I don’t know, it’s just different somehow. But there are a few people I’d like to invite over who I know are far from home and loved ones. And I’m sure I’ll sneak some vegan things on the menu! Xxx


          1. Ohh, I hope it turns out nice and isn’t too tough with the family situation. Whether it’s big or small, busy or quiet. I just started my holiday shopping.It feel like xmas is coming but also doesn’t.
            I wish AHS would do a standalone holiday episode. Just throwing that out there…
            I’m sure whatever you cook up will be so good!!


            1. I can’t believe you’ve started shopping but it’s smart because at least you won’t have the crazy last minute frenzy. I’m finally finding some excitement. We’ve invited friends whose family situation is similar to mine, and it doesn’t feel like Christmas for me without extra mouths to feed, lol.

              What are you cooking??? I’ll do my usual sneaky vegan dishes amongst the rest.

              AHS standalone. So much yes.

  3. So true 2016 has been a super shite yeah!


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