What I learned this last week…

Sometimes I feel like I live in a bubble, far away from the hoopla that, some of the time at least, seems to make up the rest of the world, and in this bubble of mine the real world doesn’t always seem to penetrate. I’m usually jolted back into the real world with the thoughts “where the fuck have I been living?” or the handy and often verbalised “what the fuck?”

Case in point:

I swear that the often cited “mummy wars” are a figment of some columnists imagination. Despite our many differences I have yet to see any woman openly wage war on another mother. The conversations I have heard and been a part of for more than two decades are ones in which support, sympathy, and encouragement are given wholeheartedly and generously. No-one really cares if a woman chose a caesarian or squatted to give birth, least of all women themselves. I know many women who went the surgical route for a bunch of different reasons and basically no one really gives a shit. Not them, not their female friends. I see nothing but genuine support, and have never heard of another mother who had her claws out. All the supposed judging of each other that we read about in the media is just not the real conversation. Mums are not at war with each other, the truth is that sisterhood and solidarity are the norm in a way that should have every feminist rejoicing. If anything, we share the warts and all truth about being mothers in order to make each other feel better about everything we might instead feel guilty about.

I also learned the hard way that a movie you enjoyed on a mums night out with a group of semi pissed women out for a laugh isn’t always the best choice for family movie night. The movie was Bad Moms, I rented it on iTunes for husband and myself and our two younger kids to watch last weekend, and I honestly forgot just how “for mature audiences” is actually is. Like, really rude. I felt like, yes, a bad mum, for even recommending it. Oh the irony…

I am also, it would seem, very late to the whole beauty and -secret-womens-maintenance-stuff caper. After almost thirty years of shaving my legs and suffering the regrowth, itches, and rashes, I’ve decided to try permanent laser hair removal {IPL}. Naturally I thought I’d ask around and see if anyone else had, on the off chance, tried it. Not only had ALL of my friends had it done years ago and heartily recommended it, they also couldn’t believe that: a. I am still using a razor for hair removal, and b. I have never waxed. {Only my eyebrows many years ago. I’ve also never had a spray tan.}. So I figured that since even my daughter’s friends have almost all had IPL {not to mention regular spray tans} I really need to get with the program. I’ve also added acrylic nails and silk lash extensions to the list, and will be looking at hair extensions too, because apparently just going with what God gave you is so, like, last century.

{And Botox: everyone is getting it like it’s just another facial or something. Who knew?}

Apparently late November is the time to put up your Christmas tree, not December like I always thought. And I seriously have to ask if I really did miss some actual memo because last weekend almost every person on my Instagram and Facebook feeds had put their trees up. And meanwhile I’m over here looking at the calendar to check that it is in fact still the twenty-somethingth of November and thinking about all the other stuff I have to get done before I can even think about unpacking the tree. {Like all the fucking laser hair removal, lashes, spray tans and hair extensions I’ll be busy getting.} Although I am contemplating putting two trees up this year… Because you know, I need the extra work…

And just quietly I’m wondering how many vegan things I can sneak onto the Christmas lunch menu 😉

But one of the best things to penetrate my bubble this week was the fact that while I was all excited to be seeing Garbage this weekend at one of the Day On The Green winery gigs with Adalita opening, I somehow missed the fact that another great Aussie band I have recently discovered is also playing. Was very excited that I’ll get to see The Preatures too, because their single is positively stuck in my head lately. Plus there’s also that fierce frontwoman thing I love in Isabella Manfredi too.

Do you get in a bit of a bubble sometimes or is it just me being weird again?

And have all you ladies really had laser hair removal already? 

Til next time,


  1. Nope, I’m so lazy (and a tight arse) I still shave my legs LOL! I desperately need a spray tan as I am feeling a lighter shade of pale right about now. And I am desperate to get lash extensions – please do it so I can see how it goes 🙂 xo


    1. I’m booked for lashes and legs, will let you know!


  2. Just on the IPL I have read something that suggested the bush is back so perhaps you do not need to IPL that area! I used to wax all the time but you know money and the ability to get out and about have made this not quite as convenient I may get a bikini line tidy up before Christmas but honestly I just don’t know if I can even be bothered! Especially seeing as I have started thinning out quite dramatically in that area!
    Spray tans are great I might get one of those too before Christmas a spray tan takes off 5kg instantly!


    1. Um… I am definitely only brave enough to bare the legs for the moment, lol. And I have been self tanning at home, a bit less reliable but the results have been good so far so I think I’ll stick with it. But 5kg less does sound so good… 🙂


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