I like it so check it out :: DECEMBER

That’s right: December.

Crazy, right?

It’s been a whirlwind countdown to the final month of the year, and I don’t know why I stupidly thought I’d get a quiet week somewhere, and now Christmas is only two weeks away and we’re having a full house on the day {which is a good thing I promise} and I’ve yet to decide what we’ll be eating. I did, in one very intense and surly and not recommended morning, get all my Christmas shopping done in the actual shops and not online. Bless my daughter for happily wrapping them all for me when we got home. I also threw sanity to the wind and put up two trees in one day.

I refuse to forfeit my chill out time for anything though, so here’s what I’ve been enjoying lately:


  • Fight Like A Girl, Clementine Ford. I’d seen this online and knew I’d get to it eventually, but I didn’t expect that I would stay up all night because I just could not put it down, and did not want to. A feminist manifesto for a new generation, and I hope to dedicate a whole post to it because there’s just so much bubbling away in my head since I read it.


  • Bad Moms, out on iTunes. Maybe not the best pick for a family movie afternoon. *facepalm*
  • Whip It. When one of your all time favourite movies comes on TV you pretty much don’t even bother seeing what else is on because there’s no way you’re not watching it for the millionth time. I cannot even begin to describe everything I love about this movie.


  • Can’t get enough of The Preatures lately, especially their new single I Know A Girl.
  • It’s also that time of year I listen to my favourite cover version of my favourite Christmas song, Fairytale of New York as performed by Clare Bowditch and Tex Perkins.

*Click on the song title to see the video.

And that’s that for now. Short and sweet and to the point.

What have you been reading/watching/listening to? I’m always open to suggestions, so fire away.

Til next time,


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