The fashion files: January 2017.

It’s been so easy, and fun, to make more of an effort to wear all the clothes I never usually wear. Even if some days I put something nice on and do nothing more than pop up to the supermarket or tidy the house, at least they’re being worn. I don’t take a photo every day though, some are going to be repeats and some aren’t all that flash. You know, those cheap but cute little summer dresses perfect for hanging around the house in but not made to wow.

I’ve also been checking out workout gear and thinking who the fuck actually pays $100 plus for leggings??? What’s wrong with the stuff from Big W??? {Even though, yes, I did splurge on some stuff online.}

Anyway, January looked a bit like this, with a lot more activewear thrown in but not so many selfies due to the sweat factor.

Anyway, having too many nice things to wear doesn’t mean that I’ve been able to resist browsing online at all the pretty frocks. I’ve even found some new websites and thought I’d be a pal and share them with you.

You are very welcome 😉

{Click on the name to go to the website}


Lots of pretty floaty boho inspired stuff, think paisley, florals, and lots of swish. Kind of my dream Summer holiday wardrobe even if sometimes it just looks good in my imagination more than it does in real life.



SOOO many pretty things here, I’ve half-heartedly tried to browse this site in the past but I think I was on my phone and it’s just not always the best way to shop {although it will always do in a pinch for a hardcore shopper who is capable of snapping up a frock or pair of shoes while she waits for someone to use the loo while out and about. Not me, just saying…}.

Anyway, check this site out if you like a print or need a dress for just about any occasion. Just don’t bother if grunge or lots of black is your thing.



Now I admit that I already knew and loved Dangerfield, but it’s been so long since I browsed their site that I’d forgotten how awesome they are. If retro is your thing then look no further, but they have lots of stuff that is so everyday wearable and not at all kitsch or costume-y, which some retro stuff can sometimes feel like. You don’t need to know how to do victory rolls to rock these clothes.

But hey, if you do want that dress with the skull print then they’ve got you covered.



Surprisingly not as bohemian as the name would suggest, instead there are heaps of very stylish basics. Not basic as in boring but more basic as in simple everyday style that you will wear to death. There’s lots of denim, there are some casual but cute dresses, and there are even some embroidered smock type tops that teenage me would be drooling over.

And if you are after basics like cami’s, tanks, jeans, and shift dresses then it’s all here.


Mostly I just love all the dresses.


While I may still have more clothes than I’ll wear this year I’ll keep browsing anyway, so hit me with your online shopping recommendations!

Til next time,


  1. I so don’t get spending $100 on leggings when the cheapo ones do the job just fine and dandy!
    Oooooh you bad girl, giving me more websites to become obsessed with LOL! I love that you’re going through your wardrobe and wearing all your frocks, it’s so much fun!! xo


    1. It is fun, I get stuck on the same few. But yeah, those expensive leggings are cute but maybe that’s why some people live in them! I’d be wearing them everywhere too!


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