10 songs I never need to hear again.

Just like there are some bands and songs I could never ever get sick of hearing, there’s the flipside. Songs I might have loved at one time or songs I never liked, which have been so thoroughly abused and overplayed by radio programmers as well as myself {also: the people who put together CD compilations} that whenever I hear them now I cringe before changing the song. If I can change the song. My personal idea of hell on earth is when you have to listen to bad music.

Living On A Prayer, Bon Jovi.

I think Axl Rose said it best when he sang, “I used to love her but I had to kill her”. Different context I know and possibly not the same thing or the greatest example to use, but if I could kill this song and bury it six feet under I bloody would. I can’t even tolerate it on that one occasion when I can enjoy and dance along to pretty much ANY music: at a wedding. And while we’re on Bon Jovi:

Always, Bon Jovi.

I take full responsibility for making this song one of their biggest hits. I LOVED it. I played it every second of every day and sang it at the top of my voice and made my whole neighbourhood listen to it too. And now when I hear it, often in the supermarket, I have to make sure I’m nowhere near the knives because I get very stabby when he warbles that fucking chorus.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi Lauper.

I still like this song deep down {way deep} and I love Cyndi but one too many 80’s compilations and a gazillion radio plays have killed my ability to listen to it anymore. I can’t even SingStar it and that’s really saying something.

Mrs Robinson, The Lemonheads.

A good cover of an average song, but all the heavy rotation {a.k.a. overkill} it received on it’s release and the fact that even the band themselves don’t like it means I never listen to it anymore. So many other better songs by TL. Don’t even bother with this.

What’s Up, 4 Non Blondes.

I used to love this song when it came out. I played it and played it and played it and loved Linda Perry’s husky voice and scary eyes but it came on the radio the other day and it’s definitely a case of too much of a good thing because I switched that station faster than you could blink.

Buffalo Stance, Neneh Cherry.

Loved it loved it loved it til one day I didn’t, this was played so much that I still know every word. I just can’t even sing along anymore. Skip.

500 Miles, The Proclaimers.

I never liked it ever but damn it was everywhere and wasn’t it the catchiest fucking song you’d ever heard??? Not. I can’t handle this song in any way shape or form. Not even drunk, not even when I’m out dancing, not even karaoke. Just no.

Shake It Off, Taylor Swift.

I love Tay and am an unashamed Swifty but I cannot hear this song again. I JUST CAN’T. You know what we need to do with this song? Yep, we need to shake it off. Sorry Taylor.


Summer of ’69, Bryan Adams.

I don’t know why but every lame ass DJ seems to play this at almost every wedding we go to. And usually I will dance along but on the inside I’m SOOO rolling my eyes again and thinking why this fucking song again?! 

Love Shack, The B-52’s.

Um, no. It was okay and definitely catchy as fuck the first few hundred times but even though I love their other songs I cannot listen to Cindy sing “tiiiiiiiiiin roof…rusted” one more time.

And that’s that. It’s funny as I put this list together there were SO many songs I thought of that I have heard and still hear constantly that don’t piss me off, the songs I can listen to seemingly forever without overdosing. But these ones can be deleted forever and I would not miss them.

What songs do you hope to never hear again? 




  1. Were we separated at birth?!! I swear I love you more and more every day Ana LOL!
    Yes, definitely YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! Cannot fucking stand Bryan Adams and Summer of 69 is the worst!
    Top 40 radio has a lot to answer for in killing songs and making you have a physical reaction to them.
    P.S. Why the hell don’t the Lemonheads get more airplay? Their songs are catchy AF!


    1. Haha! Maybe we were, you never know! I think that’s why I hate radio, always the same stuff whatever station it is. And why the heck aren’t we hearing more LH??? So true, their music is so radio friendly.


  2. Barbara Hatfield February 6, 2017 at 1:49 pm

    I pretty much agree with everything on your list and have to add a terrible song that seem to be played at every wedding I went to about 10-15 years ago –“I Hope You Dance.” Nearly throttled a DJ that thought he should play it twice at my nieces reception. It’s banality defined.

    Agree with the Lheads choice *except* for this version, featuring Evan’s Morrissey impersonation:


    1. Can’t believe the dj would play it twice! I’d throttle him too. I can’t click on the link at the moment but I’ve seen his Morrissey impersonation and I gotta say it’s worth the price of admission alone. (But I will watch it later 😉).


  3. Ooooh, I love this idea. It’s given me a great idea for a Spotify playlist. Thanks and I hope you come to love those songs again:)


    1. I hope I never do actually! But thanks for stopping by.


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