Investing in me

I read somewhere recently, and I can’t for the life of me remember where, someone saying that they likened the time spent working out and meditating as time spent investing in themselves, in their future health and wellness; that regular yoga was like superannuation for their body’s future. Coming as it did in the midst of my downward funk it stayed with me, a sign maybe that it shouldn’t be about weight loss so much as an investment in your own future health and quality of living. So this morning when that Weight Watchers half-price-off-a-three-month-membership ad popped up in my Facebook feed for the third time in as many days I clicked on the link. It was what worked for me all those years ago, and I know that their sensible and realistic approach can work again. All I need is to get my head in the right space and ditch all the books and articles and posts which promise ridiculous results at a ridiculous cost {physical, mental, and actual dollars}.

On the WW site I headed over to the Connect tab, expecting it would be where I could add my fitness tracker, but instead it’s the page where you connect with other members. It didn’t take a lot of scrolling to see the same kind of post repeating itself: I had a rough week with work/kids/misc and the first thing to go was my goal/plan/diet. 

WHY is it that, as women, mothers, wives, workers, we are always putting ourselves in second, third, and last place?

Why do I feel guilty at the thought of going to the gym as many days as I can while I’m not having to go to work? Why don’t I instead consider myself lucky that I don’t have to the gym when it’s dark? Why shouldn’t I go to the gym as much as I can while studying? The house will get cleaned and the washing will get done and dinner will get cooked whether I go or not.

So I’ve decided I need to invest in myself.

I did my first Pilates class on the weekend and I loved it. There’s a yoga class I’m going to try this week as well as a mixed yoga/pilates/tai chi class I want to try. To add some intensity I might try one of the step or spin classes. Working out makes me feel good so I need to do more of it, not feel guilty that I should be doing something “more useful” with my time instead. I’m starting to think that the most useful thing I can do for my family is whatever it takes for me to be the best, strongest, and happiest person that I can be.

And that’s an investment we can all afford.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Til next time,


Update: of course as soon as I hit publish I remembered who it was that had inspired me, the brilliant Claudia Karvan, in an interview in the weekend paper. 🙂


  1. Totally believe in this! It’s all about investing in you; mentally/physically/spiritually because if we’re not fit/healthy/happy what help are we to others? “Me time” is never a bad thing! xo

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    1. And as soon as I wrote this I got the call for the work placement I was waiting for, so excited! Less gym time but new job time sounds pretty perfect. xxx

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