March fashion files: new clothes for a new job.

Yes indeed. If a new job isn’t a bloody good excuse to buy some new stuff then I don’t know what is. Especially considering I’ve always worked at jobs in retail or hospitality, and there was always a uniform. I have long wanted to have a job where I get to wear some nice stuff.

Although it may be a case of careful what you wish for.

I’ve been doing work placement to become an education support worker {teacher’s aide or teaching assistant}, and wanting to avoid at all costs the “teacher style” I remember from many moons ago and which still scars my clothes-loving heart to this day, I wanted to look workplace appropriate, comfortable, and a little bit stylish all at the same time.

The only rule was that if I wouldn’t wear a particular item outside of work then I was not allowed to even contemplate buying it. Not even that Dangerfield skirt with the flamingos on it that was too cute for words.

Especially not that.

{But seriously how cool is it?}

Ignoring for a minute the number of dresses in my closet {currently numbering so many I can barely get another hanger in, but then again that particular closet is kinda small}, I decided that separates is the way to go. Think pencil skirts paired with floaty tops and blouses, or A line and pleated skirts with fitted tops and bodysuits. For some reason, not owning a single pair of pants/slacks/trousers that aren’t made of denim, I decided I needed a pair of palazzo-like wide leg pants, but with the proviso that they have to look fucking amazing on and convert this lifelong pants-hater. A big ask I agree and I was on the verge of giving up when I found the perfect pair by Bardot, which actually look better on than they do on the hanger. These pants even overcome my phobia of wearing tops tucked in to pants. Comfortable too.

But it was this pencil skirt I was most excited to find, because it’s exactly the kind of thing I would wear anywhere.

More than good enough to help me get over the flamingo skirt, polka dots always win the day. Plus the length is both flattering and practical, because a day with kindergarten means A LOT of time spent on the floor.

There were also two other really good things to have come out of the last few weeks which have revitalised my hankering for fashion and dressing up.

Firstly I joined Weight Watchers in the quest to get back to my normal weight. It isn’t as frivolous or silly as it seems to join WW when you have less than ten kg’s to lose because not only was there a special offer {50% off a 3 month membership} but it was exactly what I needed in terms of sensible eating guidelines AND accountability. Losing just under 4 kg’s in the first two weeks was exactly the mental boost I needed to get back in the right head space.

The other revelation came thanks to all the wet weather we’ve been having. Having a strange aversion to wearing open sandals in the rain {and hatred of wet toes}, I threw my Converse sneakers on with a dress one day, thinking I’d rather have dry feet than worry about how I looked. Except that when I took a quick look in the mirror it actually looked pretty fucking good. So much so that I’ve been happily wearing my cons with almost everything and it’s like a whole new look with endless possibilities has opened up for me.

There was also lots of time spent in activewear as I figure out what group fitness classes are right for me, and a closet clean out that reminded me how many cute retro style frocks and skirts I own. Dangerfield really is one of my favourite online stores. Style wise I’m still having to wear glasses rather than contacts which I don’t love so much but if I want to have vision in the future I don’t have much choice. I’m thinking about a new pair but whatever style I’ve seen or tried on hasn’t been quite what I want. Switching my favourite Rayban’s to prescription lenses was the best thing I did, which also means that when I am given the green light to wear contacts again I’ll need a new pair.

Til next time,


And if March sounded super busy it bloody well was!!!


  1. Congrats on the work placement and your clothes are gorgeous! xoxo


    1. Thanks Cat! 😊


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