It’s a wrap: March.

What a difference four weeks can make.

Enrolling to study was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m loving my work placement, and am flying through my assignments. I should be finished the course in the next month or so.

Joining Weight Watchers again was also a good decision, and one I didn’t think I would ever need to make again. It’s been exactly what I needed to get back to healthy eating and the right portion size. And while I know we shouldn’t rely on numbers but rather should focus on overall health, tracking my food and sticking to a once-a-week-only weigh in helps keep me accountable and on track. Losing 4.4 kg in three weeks leaves me feeling a whole lot happier in my jeans.


For someone who doesn’t think she watches a lot of TV I really watched a lot of TV this month…

I didn’t plan on watching Little Big Lies but of course I did, having read the book and then seen good reviews for the shows proved too tempting to resist. And it’s pretty good I have to say. Waiting on the final episode to be aired this morning…

My favourite cooking show MKR has left me pissed off this week, after a male contestant called a female contestant “slut”. What really bothers me is that, from what was shown, not one person called him out on it. Surely the judges should have said something, ya know? I think I would find it almost impossible to keep my mouth shut in that situation, joke or no joke {as he later claimed}, cameras or no. Imagine if he had used a racial, religious, or homophobic slur? Yep: outrage. Nice to see the same old sexist double standards still at play. Not.

My favourite crazy ladies, i.e. the housewives of Sydney, are one loud and expletive-ridden bunch of mofo’s and I look forward to Sunday nights for each new episode. I started off giving Athena X the benefit of the doubt, not liking how some of the ladies came off all mean girls in episode one. But what I see now is Athena being SOOO rude and aggressive with everyone before then crying victim. She has only one real ally, but I’m not sure how Lisa, a very smart woman, doesn’t see the pattern. But then again I sometimes think I watch it just to see how gorgeous Sydney itself actually is.

But in my heart I’m really just waiting for the Melbourne girls to come back. There’s only one Gina.

Hope your month was a good one.



  1. Cat@lifethroughthehaze April 5, 2017 at 7:22 am

    Well done with the weight loss and the study it sounds like you have a spring in your step in your writing so happy for you xo


    1. Thanks Cath, I like to keep busy and I think I had way too much time to spend overthinking everything. I function so much better when I have a lot on my plate.


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