It’s a wrap: April.

Yeah I know, another month down. WTF, right?

April in particular always seems to come like a hurricane, bringing with it the trifecta of Easter, birthdays, and the in-laws heading off for their six month European summer. And all this literally happens in the space of less than two weeks. Every April. Like I said, hurricane season.

The birthday celebration was a big one for my daughter this year, she had been counting down for what seemed like years {and probably was} until she was finally eighteen: legal! And with my father in law’s own birthday coming the day after Easter and just a few days before they left it all felt like a non-stop party. Naturally the kilo and a bit I added on came as no surprise either but I guess it could have been worse.


There was the obligatory family tradition of a birthday shopping trip followed by lunchtime cocktails and tacos at our favourite Mexican restaurant and later that night lots of my daughters knockout-strong vodka jelly shots that one stupid mum had way too many of.

With a birthday gift of a trip to NYC later this year birthday celebrations were mostly made up of my daughter vanishing to party with her friends, her pretty little mug even made it to the Insta account of one of the clubs she visited. Hashtag proud parenting moment.

We even skipped the birthday cake because of the low key state of things but, never one to let an opportunity pass to bring a Pinterest pin to life, I had a go at assembling a donut tower. Two sparklers, some gift ribbons, and thirty Nutella, custard, and cookies ‘n cream donuts later…

Hashtag Instagram worthy.

My intention of getting some assignments done on the school holidays didn’t happen, and I didn’t open a single book the whole time, so the race is on to get all my coursework wrapped up in May. There was also the Easter show and I once again felt like an old fucker when I had to go on the ferris wheel and hated it. What I did love was the food hall, and we went home with a decent haul of all the good gourmet stuff. Mr 8 proved again that he is the best kid ever, only wanting one showbag and being prompted to choose another one. I mean, I could have bought myself a few showbags, know what I mean?

The weather has started to cool down very nicely, and it’s nice to start enjoying hearty foods and boots and jackets again. And it’s always mixed feelings when I put a jacket on that I haven’t worn since last year and find a lighter in the pockets. Good because I haven’t had a cigarette since January but not so good because, bloody hell, I seem to have had a lighter in just about every bloody jacket pocket I have.

All up April was a good one, here before we knew it and seemingly over in a flash. There were lots of good books read, lots of good food, drinks, laughs, and company. Lots of family time which is the best.

But I still can’t quite believe that it’s already May…



  1. No ciggies since January? I am so bloody proud of you Ana! xo


    1. Thank you, it does feel good.


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