Fringe Benefits

Fringes, or bangs if you prefer, get a really bad rap. Everyone tries to convince you not to do it because of the dreaded growing out phase and the hassle of daily styling. And I thought all of that too but went ahead and cut one anyway, one of those spur of the moment decisions made in the hairdressers chair as I flicked through magazines wondering how to inject some oomph into my hair without doing anything crazy, and definitely with less than 24 hours planning.

I first cut a fringe back in March 2014, and while it’s grown out at times so much that it would have barely passed the is it still a fringe test, I always end up trimming it back into place.

Because I love it.

I didn’t realise how large my forehead actually is until I did it, and now that I know that I much prefer to have a fringe disguise some of that real estate. My hair is fine to the point of almost thinning {cue extreme anxiety} so I go for side fringes that just sweep my eyes. Yes, that annoying length that always gets in your eyes but looks drop dead sexy when styled. And I love it and don’t find it a hassle at all. If I don’t feel like spending a few minutes taming it I don’t, and just let it fall where it will: wavy and wonky but not a disaster.

Some of my fringe looks over the years:

The fringes I’ve taken inspiration from:

These are the fringes I LOVE but don’t have the hair for:

  1. Great post!
    I remember when bangs were a trend a couple years ago! Everyone at school was getting them!
    Would love it if you would check out my blog 💖


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