Ah Pinterest, allow me to count the many ways I love thee. You provide endless ideas and inspiration, help me procrastinate like no other, and when I’m wasting hour after hour searching for some style inspiration you introduce me to someone who I never even knew existed but who unequivocally slays at the look I love best.

Thank you Pinterest, for Francoise Hardy.

This isn’t the school-run-grocery-shop-teachers-aide style I actually wear most days, what Hardy brings to life is the version of me I fantasise about where I lived through the late 60’s being all bohemian, decadent, and cool. This is the hanging-with-The-Stones look that makes me swoon, from the days before political correctness existed, the days when we all smoked, drank, and partied, and the future was somebody else’s problem.

You know: that uniquely French-flavoured brand of insouciance.

The kind of style that transcends any time or place, where a hairdo worn in 1967 is still the look I show my hairdresser, where the oversized shaggy coat is one I still love and is found without any difficulty, where the attitude is what carries the whole thing over the line.

Francoise Hardy, I salute you.

  1. Love!! ❤️


    1. YES!!! 😉


  2. […] remember when I said that Francoise Hardy was the living embodiment of my ultimate dream style: the whole just rolled out of bed with a rock […]


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