Learning to slow down

The first week it’s all about the jet lag, struggling to keep your eyes open before it’s even dark and being awake with the chickens, roosters, and farmers.

The second week you start to stay up later and sleep until a more normal time, until suddenly you find that you’ve woken up and it’s somehow already nine am.

My first reaction is to get all pissed off with myself, mentally calculating the time it’ll take me to shower and be ready to get out the door for a now-desperately coffee as well as some food because I’m also starving. It dawns on me, very slowly I have to admit, that I don’t actually have anything I need to do. Like, at all. Apart from making sure we’re all fed, and even then eating out is always a ready option due to the exchange rate.

Putting aside the early morning hunger-induced crankiness, it’s taken some effort to let go of the notion that, by sleeping in late, I’m wasting the day. In reality the time we spend here being lazy and just plain relaxing is just six weeks out of a whole year, maybe even less, because the only other holiday we’ve taken since July 2015 was a week over New Years a few hours down the coast back in Australia. When you factor in how many hours you spend working in between all that then suddenly you start to look at those sleep ins like the rare gift they actually are.

Speaking to people here I keep hearing a term that translates to fast tempo. It’s used to describe everyday life, especially among people who have high pressure jobs and responsibilities. And while we may call it busy, stress, or just normal, that’s the pace at which most of us now move: fast.

I keep feeling guilty that I’m not doing a whole lot more than going for coffees and drinks, lying around beaches, and eating. And at the same time I’m trying to shake the mentality that dictates we must always maintain that fast pace. Like Rihanna says, “baby, this is what you came for.”

Rest and relaxation is exactly what we came for.

Before I know it we’ll be back to winter, back to school, back to alarm clocks going off at 6.20 am and school uniforms and lunches and paperwork and housework and did I mention it’ll be bloody cold? I’ll be looking for a job and juggling it all and these long lazy days of scorching sunshine and jewel blue seas and endless empty hours will feel like a distant memory, and I know that we’re super fortunate to be here. What we should be doing (and I hope, are doing), is soaking it all up as much as possible, enjoying it as much as we can, and cementing it all in our mind so that when it’s over we can at least remember how good it was.

And while the shops and businesses might not close during the middle of the day like they used to, there’s no reason not to enjoy a post-lunch/pre-beach siesta anyway.

Now that’s definitely something I can get on board with.

  1. Enjoy it!! I felt the same way but you NEED to sleep off those margaritas LOL! It’s cold and miserable back in Oz so soak up those rays and uživaj! 🙂 xo


    1. Will do! (But naturally there are people dropping in today who said they’d be here at NINE!!!). Can’t wait to read all about your travels!


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