Brain dump: all the randomness that’s fit to print.

Not ready to go home and face all the responsibilities waiting for me there. I can’t even start thinking about the Mt Fuji of stuff that needs my attention the minute I get back.

No more food. Seriously, I can not face any more food.

How much have alcohol have I enjoyed while on holidays? Surprisingly little. Not even two bottles of gin in five weeks and the second was attacked with help from others. Maybe I don’t need alcohol to relax when all I do all day is relax?

Trying to figure out how I’ve received more compliments on my appearance this time round at almost ten kg’s heavier than two years ago when I thought I looked way better. And not just from the village grandmas who were raised on the bigger-is-better philosophy because it meant survival.

I’m going to miss the morning krafne so bad.

I won’t miss being surrounded by plumes of cigarette smoke every time I have a coffee.

Ashtrays on every table: no thanks.

Missing my three older kids but I might be missing our cat more.

So glad I bought that travel SIM and didn’t go for roaming instead. And very pleasantly surprised that the new WiFi modem in our village home is better than the one in Sydney.

Road tripping to visit cousins up north always reminds me, because I always seem to forget, how beautiful a country Croatia is and how rich in diverse and unspoiled natural beauty.

Lake Bajer, Fužine, Gorski Kotar

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards has been cruising her way up the Croatian coast of Dalmatia, and I keep hoping she makes a stop in our town of Zadar. Not sure why except that I’m probably just a tragic fan of the show. I might also spend too much time wondering what it would be like to travel on her luxe five star budget.

Missing out on shows like Yummy Mummies is always a good thing judging by the online comments I’ve seen.

Not being able to watch my favourite Housewives shows isn’t the worst thing in the world but I do plan catch up binges once home. Thank god for Twitter and spoilers.

I have never watched Game Of Thrones and appear to be one of the very few humans on the planet who have not. Is it even worth starting at the beginning???

Jealous of the cousins and aunt who wake up to views like this every morning:

Very jealous.

The frenzy that always comes in our last two weeks when we realise we haven’t done everything we planned to do and haven’t visited with everyone we wanted to see. Cue lots of driving around and lots of large and very loud family gatherings.

When the car won’t start and you wait forever for your cousin the mechanic from the next village to be available is when you realise how boring the village would be if you couldn’t go anywhere else.

Not being able to fall asleep because you’ve done precisely nothing all day to tire yourself out and woke up at 9 that morning to boot. But staring at the clock at 3 am still isn’t much fun considering that the roosters start their chorus a couple of hours later.

Being so tan that none of your face makeup is any good.

Thinking you’re not that tanned after all then getting a glimpse in another mirror and thinking that yes, that really is one fuck of a tan.

The morning of your road trip your eight year old wakes up with a vomiting bug. You hit the road anyway warmed with a bucket, and you end up with the same bug two days later. The only possible upside was throwing up your lunch in the prettiest hilltop spot you ever saw with views of the sea and islands. Not having squeamish cousins who manage to admire the view while you do your spew thing: also a plus.

Downing the last bottle of wine while you cross your fingers that the mechanic cousin can work his magic out there while you blog away: not so good.






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