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Let’s all say hello to Gwen. Once upon a time she was best known for being the front-woman of ska pop band No Doubt, who eventually took some time out to pop out a few kiddies and be all domestic, while also managing to squeeze out some solo work. Somewhere along the way, from amidst the pink hair, orthodontic work, and obligatory pencil thin 90’s brows, she arose as one of the most iconic style icons of the 21st century.

She takes the jeans and boots look I so love and injects it with that something extra. And it’s more than just her signature platinum locks and fierce red lip.

The red leather jeans. I can’t even deal…

She does evening wear with the same punk rock meets classic vibe:

And can we talk about her pregnancy style for a minute? Because if I looked like that pregnant I’d try and remain pregnant forever.


{Hell if I looked that good not pregnant I’d be happy.}

I don’t even care if she never puts another record out as long as she keeps giving me yet another style crush to feast my eyes on.


Long live the modern queen of the Jean Harlow meets Kate Moss meets Vogue look.

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