From swimsuits to scarves in a day.

All good things must come to an end, and Summer vacations wouldn’t be so exciting if it was a Summer vacation every day {or so I tell myself}. But waking one morning facing a melting heatwave to boarding a plane and arriving home a day later to freezing cold does tend to be a bit shitty however. The one positive is feeling like a kid in a lolly shop at having all of my clothes to play with again, even if I don’t get to show off my tan due to all the many layers.

I will admit to a few days of saying wtf is with this cold on a non stop loop.

But back to the positive side of having lots of clothes to wear again…

It was nice to be reacquainted with my soft and snuggly poncho that feels like wearing a blanket:

…as well as the winter stuff I love best: lots of textures {especially leather and corduroy}, knits, jackets, and, best of all, MY BOOTS!!!

Let’s not forget jeans. I LOVE jeans. {Who doesn’t love jeans???}

And how about scarves?

{Actually I also seem to really love black and pink.}

Here’s to a few more weeks of Winter.

Til next time,

A. x.

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