Yeah, nah, maybe: making up for lost {shopping} time.

Switching seasons overnight means you get home and there’s all this new stuff in the shops and you get all excited trying to think of what’s coming up.

I had a bit of a bimbo moment when I first walked through my local mall, thinking, wow that daggy grandma-ish clothes shop actually has some nice stuff for once, before noticing that all the hangers and tags now read Sportsgirl. Β 

A big day for my youngest in a few weeks was all the excuse I needed to “browse” the Myer womenswear department, but from about twenty dresses I tried on two were a hit, a handful were almost-but-not-quite, and the majority were no-fucking-way. {The two yeses will be featuring as OOTD’s as soon as it warms up πŸ˜‰ }.

The tried-on-and-discarded-but-almost pile looked like this:

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Then there was this top which I loved, until I saw the price tag…

It’s only a cheesecloth top ffs

There was a minor Kmart accessories haul, mostly of the rose gold variety {some of which was quickly “borrowed” by my daughter}:

But funnily enough my most favourite buys were not even frock related. They were some cute homewares that were also bargains {the candles and the copper planter bowl were only $6 each!}:



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