Iconic looks: the slip dress

Not a new trend, the slip dress was everywhere last summer, and is showing no signs of going away. What I love is their versatility: tough biker style with boots and leather, prettied up with heels and metallic accessories, backyard BBQ casual with slides and sunnies, long, short, or midi length.

But for a former 90’s teenager the slip dress will always remain an iconic look of that time, when Kate, Drew, and Winona were cooler than cool, and when pencil thin brows and burgundy lips ruled the day.


But now girls like Kendall, Rihanna, and Selena are bringing the slip dress back in a whole new way. Often a go-to evening look, we’re seeing so many more colours than we used to, vivid jewel tones in particular. What hasn’t changed is that slip dresses are every bit as versatile as they’ve ever been. There can’t be too many dresses that can do equal duty for a formal event as well as grabbing a quick coffee.


The only way they don’t work for me: with a t underneath.


And while the strappy stilettos are a popular look there’s no way I’m ever going to make it work for me, so flats and boots it shall remain. And while most of my slip dresses are black there are a couple of newer numbers that I can’t wait to wear. Denim or leather jackets are also a must for me because: jelly arms.


Here’s to slip dresses: may they never stop being cool.



  1. Wish I could rock a slip but I feel like my tummy sticks out too much in them LOL!


    1. NOOO! They are actually really flattering, they skim nicely if you get the right material. I think short one would look awesome on you, and I know you could accessorise the shit out of it!


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