Why #sorrynotsorry is the way to go.

I love a good hashtag.


Or as I like to think of it: “I would be sorry because it’s probably expected of me but instead I say fuck that.”

Because it seems that, as women, we seem to be sorry for every bloody thing that we should enjoy instead. Why don’t men have guilty pleasures? Oh that’s right, because they don’t think they have to feel guilty for enjoying something that brings them pleasure. Do men order granola instead of a ham and cheese croissant with their coffee? No, they do not, because they’re #sorrynotsorry.

Here are the things that more of us need to say #sorrynotsorry to:

  • being unapologetically confident in ourselves. If you know you’re good at something don’t downplay it. If someone compliments you don’t shoot it down or dispute it. Learn to stand tall and proud, learn to accept a compliment, learn to own the shit you’re good at.
  • No more guilt. Seriously, I know that at times at seems it seems to come with the territory of being born female but it needs to stop. It doesn’t change anything and in fact the only thing it does it make you feel like shit. Let’s stop beating ourselves up, we’re all doing the best we can on any given day.
  • Making choices that others don’t agree with. This encompasses SO much, but for me I’m #sorrynotsorry for making the choices to be vegan then vegetarian, for uploading lots of shameless selfies, and for liking to blog and sometimes even daring to get personal. I also like my music LOUD. #sorrynotsorry neighbours.
  • For liking stuff that’s not credible or cool. You know what I mean: spending the weekend watching whole seasons of Housewives/Kardashians/Bachie, for knowing every word to both the Pitch Perfect movies, for having way too many 80’s playlists on my phone, and for plowing my way through endless amounts of trashy gossip mags.
  • Being self indulgent: enjoying that drink of an evening {or early afternoon 😉 }, taking time for a facial or manicure, wasting a few hours just window shopping without intending to buy a single thing, or spending half the day on the phone having a nice old chat.
  • for being fabulous. Don’t fucking apologise for being a grown ass woman who knows what she wants, knows what she deserves, and refuses to take shit.


More #sorrynotsorry and less actual apologising.

Cheers to that.

  1. All of this and so much more!! I needed to hear that as I’m stuck in a funk at the moment and everything is just BLAH! I must remember never to hide my light under a bushel – fuck that noise! Amen to being fabulous xx


    1. You are so fabulous! But we all have the blah times too, you need to do something indulgent and fun, some girls type of night involving margaritas and karaoke! ❤️


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