Let’s all go to Oz

The world seems like a crazy place lately.

Barcelona. Charlottesville. Trump and nazi’s marching in the streets and innocent people being killed for no reason.

I avoid talking about politics, not just here on the blog but even in real life conversations. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but it can be tricky when people you know well and respect seem willing to tolerate things you find intolerable, so I try not to go there.

Yesterday in the hairdressers another client getting her hair done was discussing Australian politician Pauline Hanson, who showed up for parliament wearing a full burqa with her face covered. Hanson’s point was, from what I can make out, to point out the double standards when it comes to security. The woman at the hairdressers was in agreement with Hanson, that there shouldn’t be a different set of rules for women wearing full face coverings and another set for everyone else, such as motorcycle riders who are required to remove their helmets when entering certain public buildings. I could tell that the hairdresser was trying to be tactful and diplomatic, and it still surprises me when people are so vocal and seem to care little who might be listening and who they may be offending.

And while the motorbike-helmet-argument may initially make sense for one tiny split second, it doesn’t take long to see that what it really is is racism, cloaked in supposed security concerns. Maybe we’re just more threatened than we’d like to admit at seeing women who choose to cover themselves from head to toe for religious and/or cultural reasons.

The recent wave of terrorist attacks where vehicles are used to plow into ordinary people going about their business scares the crap out of me. My daughter wanted to go to Paris for her eighteenth birthday trip but I just didn’t feel okay with that, which I hate because I love Paris and would love her to enjoy it too. She chose New York city instead, which might not be safer, but the thing is we don’t know anymore where it’s safe, and maybe that’s because no big city really does feel safe anymore.

Twitter used to be the place I could mindlessly scroll through some witty comments, a place I could hear some new music, have a laugh, find some articles to read. Now it feels like Trump, by way of all the anti-Trump people I follow, has taken over my Twitter feed with all his craziness. {Does the man actually do anything apart from tweet and play golf???}. Hardly a crisis and definitely a #firstworldproblem, but also a sad indication of the times we live in. Debate over confederate statues and skinheads with tiki torches: what the actual fuck people???

I feel like all we actually can try and do is raise our children to know better, to do better, but unfortunately the tiki-torch-fuckwits will no doubt be teaching their kids their own beliefs too.

So when Sydney had one of those once-in-a-blue-moon weather events which felt like the whole city was going to be blown away by hurricane-like winds and flying debris I couldn’t help wishing we’d all end up in Oz.

I’ll take the wicked witch and her flying monkeys over our politicians any day.



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