Talking brows. Again.

Another year rolls on by and I’m still obsessed with my brows.

Or lack of.

Last years cosmetic tattooing wasn’t quite the success I had hoped for. Full microbladed brows done in January were touched up in March due to the expected initial loss of pigment {at no charge}, but then needed another touch up in August that same year because I ended up being one of those people who just lose too much fucking pigment. {Of course}. All up I spent way too much money on a supposedly semi permanent option last year, only to find myself still filling them in with a pencil by Christmas.

Exhibit A: this bare faced {and grey haired} pic, taken last week

It’s now been a year since the last touch up and while there’s definitely still pigment there and I could {in theory but not in reality} walk out the door with untouched brows, for a brow lover like myself they’re still not quite right. I still use my Benefit Precisely My Brow pencil every single day, even on days I do nothing and go nowhere. I’m still always on the lookout for new brow products.

I’m also really lucky that after years of so few hits and so many misses I have found one heck of an amazing brow guru just five minutes away from home. Ruth at Next Level Beauty understands that every person suits different brows, she takes the time to listen, and actually gives you what you ask for. So nice after so many years of people who just did the same stupid curved McDonalds arches and rushed the tinting process so that hardly any ever took.

Exhibit B: Benefit brows {left} VS Ruth's brows {right}

See how good she is!!!

The stupid thing is that I haven’t been to Ruth in almost a year, despite the fact that last time I went I walked out in brow heaven. So I finally made some time this week, and with a do this weekend, Wednesday’s dark and dramatic brows should be perfectly Saturday party ready. I also picked up a brow serum called LiBrow which promises thicker fuller brows in just weeks, and which Ruth swears actually works. Fingers crossed, and stay tuned for the results.

But you know who really does the best brows ever? Every time? Perfect and spot on and gorgeous?


Why can’t I have Snapchat eyebrows for real???

Hit me with your brow secrets and tips please!!!


  1. Have you seen the brow wigs? It’s like a merkin for your eyebrows – AMAZING!


    1. I’ve caught a whisper here and there, but I can’t imagine it would look natural???


        1. I saw some on Final Touch brows too, they actually look ok!


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