Why can’t water taste like champagne?

It’s weird how I always feel like I’ve actually achieved something when I don’t have time to blog for a couple of weeks.

What happened is that about two weeks ago my daughter hurt her knee at work and finally got the crutches the little weirdo always wanted. She soon discovered that they’re in fact a massive pain in the arse, not least because we live in a two storey house and she sleeps upstairs.

They’re also probably not much fun when you’re really in pain and not just goofing around.

Two days later, and with her out of action and off her feet and therefore completely dependent on me for everything, I got a message with a job offer for the exact position I’ve been looking for. To start the next day. Obviously I had to say no, and then proceeded to sob just a bit while telling myself that something else will turn up when the time is right.

And while mostly I felt sorry for my daughter because she has had to ask someone to help her with every little thing, I won’t lie that I wasn’t a bit jealous that she got to watch endless hours of reality TV while having meals brought to her lap.

I finally used last year’s day spa birthday voucher and it was heavenly. A relaxing facial and full back-of-body massage left me thinking that I really need to make this more of a regular thing. Add age into the mix and my apparently dehydrated skin and it looks like it’s time to start taking the condition of my skin more seriously and stop using makeup removing wipes as a cleanser.

Although I won’t lie: botox is starting to look more and more tempting despite the idea of needles around my eyes freaking me the fuck out. #neversaynever

It also felt good to get back to yoga after far too many months without, and I was so boosted by my first session that when it was over I went for a massive long walk. And even though I can objectively see that I look okay and am out of fucks to give when it comes to weight gain, I would like to lose just a few centimetres off my waist and feel fitter and healthier. It was also a grim wake up call when I discovered that all I can manage at the moment is less than thirty minutes of yoga when I was easily completing hour long classes earlier this year. But baby steps and all that, I’m sure I’ll get back there.

Sweaty faced makeup-free selfie: thumbs down. Finishing another yoga session: crazy-eye smile and a big thumbs up.

I do have to admit that I’m probably self-sabotaging with alcohol though, and drinking nowhere near enough water a day. If water were champagne I’d smash those two litres so much easier…

My oldest “child” is now officially 23 years old and my baby is already planning his 9th birthday next month and there’s just no way he can almost be at double digits.

I’m not very excited at turning 43 soon because of my thing with odd numbers.

I am excited at new seasons of Real Housewives soon: I love those crazy ladies from Melbourne and Atlanta.

{But not really Kenya so much.}






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