Ten times Kim Kardashian West got it SO right

This post was never going to fall into the Style Icons series, because there have been, as we all know, way too many shockers, but for every ten what-the-f***-was-she-thinking??? looks comes one genuine gem.

Even ignoring the older styles before the prerequisite stylist entered the fray, back when most celebs got it wrong more often than they got it right, Kimmy K has had some real shockers. {Thigh high plastic boots anyone?} But when she gets it right the girl absolutely nails it.

Here are my favourite Kim K looks in recent years, counting down from ten to one.

{Because I just love a countdown basically 😉 }

#10: that old Hollywood feelin’

#9: magenta magic

#8: peplums forever

#7: plaid + denim + boots = yes

#6: classic LBD vibes

#5: killer curves as accessories

#4: latex and Louboutins

#3: ribbed knit dresses forever

#2: atomic blonde all in black

#1: Metallica T + biker jacket + ankle boots for the win!

And if you’ve ever seen this blog before number one shouldn’t come as any surprise.

Although browsing pics online reminded me how much I really like big sister Kourtney’s style. Style icon? I think so.

Stay tuned.




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