NYC dreaming

So in exactly three weeks time my daughter and I will be sitting on a jet plane bound for the big apple, as part of her 18th birthday celebration.

We’re planning to do all the regular tourist stuff, and, both being OCD types, will no doubt have a well researched and planned itinerary for when we get there. Personally I’m most excited about soaking up that iconic New York city feeling, enjoying some street food, and seeing the Flatiron, Chrysler, and Empire State Buildings.

Oh and the library.

And probably a museum or two.

And hopefully Grand Central terminal.

And let’s face it I’d die a very happy person if we actually see a Real Housewife in the flesh too.

It’s going to be cold as a mf though so all my daydreams about being stylish have taken a backseat to genuine panic because we just don’t get that kind of cold here and I’m basically picturing myself aquaplaning on the sidewalk or falling arse over head. None of my boots are up to the task of that level of cold and I’m thinking I might need to go all the way back to my 90’s grunge girl roots and grab myself a pair of Dr Martens boots. But… happily for both my daughter and I we land just a few days after the Black Friday sales begin.


The only other teeny-tiny negative is that my daughter isn’t legal drinking age yet. In Sydney: yes. In NYC: no.

We’re also both obsessed with reality TV and plan on hitting up as many places as we can that have featured in some of our favourite shows.

Although I won’t lie, so far they’re almost all food places.

In fact I think we’ve talked more about the food we want to try than we have the attractions we want to see. But with lots of walking planned nothing is going to stop us from digging into some classic NYC pizza.

Or a hot dog.

And the pretzels.

Maybe try some Shake Shack… or… Chick-Fil-A…

 Sorry Dorinda, but we’re doing it.

But most of all it’s one solid week of mother-daughter bonding time, doing the fun stuff we don’t usually have time for, exploring a new place together, being stupid together, and talking to each other in different accents all day long.

And I CAN NOT WAIT for that.


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