Red-dy to rock

There are few things that can instantly lift my mood while making me feel fierce all at the same time, but a bold red lip does the trick every time.

I’ve had my share of red lipsticks, ranging from cheap as chips supermarket brands to the iconic must-haves. Like everything else I definitely go through phases, and sometimes many months will pass in which I stick to bold pinks or nudes, but I always come back to the reds.

Here are my current favourites.

I recently grabbed myself the Urban Decay Mecca20 Vice palette, exclusive to Mecca stores and featuring five gorgeous shades. One is a brown based nude, one is a metallic dark brown, and in the middle lie three very different red based shades. My only problem is that I can’t decide which of the reds I like the most.

L to R: 1993, Rock On, 714, Disturbed, & Conspiracy

Rock On is a very strong and bold true red, great for night time or when you need some day time attitude. The middle shade, 714, is a perfect everyday red that, with a softer application, can be subtle while still packing a {lighter} punch. It’s also similar in colour to Mac’s Ruby Woo, which is one of my favourite colours ever but also one of the dryest matte lippies I have ever worn. Disturbed, while looking very brown in the photo, is actually a deep wine hued red, think a grown up and more modern version of Mac’s Russian Red.

Now back to Ruby Woo for a second.

It’s probably my favourite red shade EVER, with the perfect hue for my complexion, but unless I prime and prepare the heck out of my lips it’s impossible to just swipe it on. And even once on it’s the worst for drying and caking that I’ve ever worn, and unfortunately the staying power isn’t great either. Now it has ocurred to me that the problem may be me and my application rather than the product, but no. The only way around it for me if I really want to wear it is to apply it over some clear or even nude lip gloss or lip balm. Otherwise it just aint gonna happen.

Here’s a comparison of Mac shade Ruby Woo and Urban Decay shade714:

Even in the pic Ruby Woo looks dry, and while the 714 looks darker it was just a heavier application and is actually very very close in colour.

And last but not least, the red that actually works, that glides on like a dream and lasts, is Nars Audacious in Rita. {And as if being named for Rita Hayworth doesn’t make it even more perfect.} It’s a tiny bit bold for everyday because it’s really densely pigmented, but I get around this by applying with a cotton bud or even just with my fingertip, for more of a stain than a full coverage. Actually I prefer the stained look for day time, plus you use less and it lasts longer. And for an orange based red that is, funnily enough, more orange than red, I stick to the same brand and go for Nars Lana.

The super dark wine and berry hued reds are shades I also love, but mostly on other people. They look fine when I’m playing around in my bathroom but as soon as I attempt to wear them out somehow it just ALWAYS feel like too much. For this reason my Mac Russian Red has been all but retired, and even though a sample swatch of Mac’s Diva had me thinking for sure I’ll wear this I’m going to hold off buying it for now, especially heading into summer.

Although if I get desperate my daughter already owns it…

Do you have a go-to favourite red lippie?

Or are there just too many to choose from?

P.S. I’ve specified that the Urban Decay colours were part of the Mecca20 palette, but after checking their website, all the shades are available as stand alone lipsticks.


  1. Ruby Woo looks so gorgeous on you! It looks extremely pink on me, it’s so weird haha โค๏ธ


    1. It is funny how the same shade can look so different on different people! And yes, Ruby Woo is perfection except for the dryness lol.


  2. We love Ruby Woo! Such a good red! xx, Britta & Carli from


    1. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


    2. and by the way, your blog is GORGEOUS!!! Following you guys on Insta. x.


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