She’s the 90’s grunge pin-up who’s made a small screen comeback recently, once easily recognised by her gamine pixie-ish cut but these days wearing her hair long and wavy and totally owning it. Style-wise she’s gone from slip dresses and rolled up Levi’s to killer red carpet gowns, but the leather jacket and street vibe remains.

Winona wears black like nobody else in celeb-land except for maybe Angelina Jolie, and even then she mixes it up from time to time. Unlike Jolie though, there’s still something vaguely grungey and almost dreamy about Winona, and from tattoos to songs to T shirts, Winona is a popular culture icon who is not going anywhere.

The pics I chose focus on her recent style, because in my opinion she’s actually more fierce at 46 than she was at 20. Here’s to ageing like a boss.


Peter Pan collars and polka dots. Always a yes.

But seriously: recreating one of her most iconic looks is just almost too much…

Winona forever.

  1. Love Winona, what a bad ass!


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