Another year {almost} over…

In yet another blink of an eye we find ourselves in that weird stretch of time in between Christmas and New Year, where the days kind of blur together and there’s no routine but there is instead lots of food, reality TV, and downtime.

I dare say I’m not the only person who kind of takes stock at this point in time, both of the year that’s been as well as the one ahead. It’s always interesting to think back to where we were a year ago and compare what we expected or hoped for and what came to pass. This year for me has been pretty good, despite some tough moments, and as it wraps up we’re all in a very good place.

So, here’s how our year looked:


My get-fit-and-healthy ambitions from back in January lasted until about April, when work placement for my studies kind of hijacked my spare time. There were sporadic bursts throughout the year of trying to be more active, with yoga and walking being the ones I stuck to the most, and the Steptember challenge had me racking up steps, but somehow I am sitting here right now heavier than I was twelve months ago. But due to my new mantra of #zerofucks, with way less mental anguish about the fact than I had a year ago. It’s really only when I see a cute dress with a cinched in waist and know that my own waist is quite a few cm’s larger than it’s former personal best {circa 2014} that there’s a slight niggle of dissatisfaction.

Just a SLIGHT niggle mind you, because let’s face it, I love all the food…


I was no longer vegan when the year rang in because of all the cheese, but I was definitely about 95% vegetarian throughout the rest of the year, and have tried to make vegan choices wherever possible. The reality of being vegan for me is a fistful of supplements every morning, and I’m just shithouse at remembering to take them. I relaxed all the rules this year and just try to go with veggie options most of the time. Let’s face it, it’s the booze and the snacks that are the real issue anyway.


The year kicked off down the coast for our week long getaway, and was followed in July with another trip to Croatia, there was the recent girls trip for my daughter and I to New York City, and the year will end with another week long beach holiday. And next year’s Croatia trip was booked the other day. Please slap me next time I moan about anything.


I finally, at 42, starting paying attention to my skin and am currently obsessed with Clinique’s Moisture Surge moisturiser, and am proud to say that I use a proper cleanser every day and not just baby wipes anymore. These days I also listen to my daughter when it comes to makeup and how to apply it, because she’d give me death stares when I’d mention applying foundation with my fingers and I just couldn’t cope with her disapproval anymore. I also ditched the hair extensions and after what seemed like forever my hair is finally at a length I love and in good condition to boot. Meanwhile five hundred years later I’m still obsessed with my brows…


I don’t think there were a lot of rose gold things I didn’t just love this year and have to buy. I still love it though, and am dreading the day it’ll no longer be everywhere. Yellow gold just looks so last century, know what I mean? So far this year I rocked the rose gold in the following ways: accessories, bags, shoes, table runners, candles, photo frames, and even my watch.


Not a whole lot of gigs this year, but Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were a highlight. There were also Dinosaur Jr and The Preatures and I think I’m having amnesia because I cannot remember if there were any other gigs but I feel like there must have been…


Rounding out the year was all the rest: I completed my studies and am now a qualified teachers aide, our baby girl turned eighteen and was quick about getting her drivers licence, I found yet more reality shows to binge on, discovered I love green prints, and wore my new feminist t shirt to death. There were also WAY too many selfies and #ootd shots which make it next to impossible for me to ever just hand someone my phone so they can scroll through my photos. Because we all know it takes fifty shots to get one that’s usable.

A A A A N D our beautiful neighbour, whose wedding I mentioned here in 2015 as well as the fact that we’re more like family than neighbours, is due to have her first baby any day now!!!

Here’s to 2018, and lots more margarita’s.







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