Life on the seesaw…

So things have been a little quiet on the blogging front of late…

Not deliberately or for any particular reason, just one of those lulls where I really don’t have much to say. OOTD’s and food shots keep happening on my Instagram {actually most of my my life seems to happen on Instagram, much to the dismay of my family 😉 }, and the days have been passing by with no nasty surprises, which is always nice.

The first part of this year has so far been very similar to the same time last year, with lots of embracing and a focus on health, and once again I’ve turned very much inwards. I’ve had the thought more than once that at times I feel like life is lived on a giant seesaw. Ups and downs and an impossibility for things to stay static or to remain in one place.

Yoga has been so good for me the last couple of months, due largely to the new instructor at the gym who uses each class to focus on an aspect of our emotional wellbeing as well as the physical. Themes like balance {there’s that seesaw again} and self care and positivity seem to be exactly what I need to hear when I’m on the mat, and along with pilates and lots of open air walks, are more about strength than bikini bodies.

There’s been lots of excitement lately with one of my sons announcing his engagement, with the wedding itself happening before the end of the year. More crazy than the fact that I’m going to be a mother-in-law is the fact that my nine year old will be someone’s brother-in-law.

Amidst all the wedding excitement my mind returns, not surprisingly, to the fractured relationships with my parents and siblings. Things are at some weird place, with a slight thawing between my mum and I, a new baby I have yet to meet, and one person who opted out of a group message because God forbid they run the risk of accidentally communicating with me.

And after deleting every version and variation of what I typed on that topic after that last sentence at least a dozen times, that’s probably where I should leave it.

In MUCH better blogging news we saw husband’s man crush Evan Dando this week, at an open air gig at Taronga Zoo, where The lemonheads shared the bill with fellow 90’s grunge buddies Jebediah. Tickets were a Christmas present from one of the kids and his girlfriend, which really does seem to make me feel that we’ve done something right as parents. It was a top night, and did I mention that my stalker tendencies have seemingly paid off of late? Not only did Evan inexplicably accept my spur of the moment Facebook friend request but he also, after God knows how many years, followed me back on Twitter. And you know I’m tragic enough to be really excited by both of those things don’t you???

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Plus my nails are growing like crazy and are so long that they just do not look like my hands at all, I’m on some inspired cooking trip lately which my family loves, still buying way too many dresses for some glamorous life I don’t seem to live, trying and mostly winning at giving up alcohol for Lent {five days out of seven is pretty good imo}, and still rushing next door every chance we get to have some baby cuddles before Baby G moves to their new house.

But mostly still freaking out that we’re going to have a wedding.

‘Til next time,




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