Talking hair again…

There’s only so much you can do with dark-ish brown hair which tends to dryness, doesn’t like being lightened, and throws lots of brassy warmth.

You can try fighting it, as I have done many times over the years, with attempts at balayage, foils, dark blonde {WTF was I thinking???}, and various ashy tones which were generally less than successful.

Or you can embrace it, which I am only just doing.

Current look: coppery highlights from mid lengths down on a warm medium brown base. Even I can see in this filter-free photo that it suits my skin tone and colouring to a T.

Having finally got my hair to a healthier place after the black-hair-disaster of 2016 that saw me bid farewell to my previous hairdresser, the brief but fun fortnight where {after a few drinks and a couple of tubs of Manic Panic} I had bright pink hair, and after finally growing it out after the I-said-two-cms-she-cut-two-inches fiasco of 2015 that saw me with a chin length bob, I’ve finally been in the mood to play around with the colour again.

I absolutely love red hair and if I were pale skinned with green eyes a la Julianne Moore I would wear it every single damn day, but alas I’m of Mediterranean stock instead which means that it usually takes a full year to get it to the shade I love and another three to get rid of it, making it far too long term of a commitment.

I’m still in LOVE with rose gold everything including hair, and still very jealous of blondes who can swing it so easily, but just this morning I discovered a new version of it which is being hailed as the big thing for 2018 and is definitely giving me that excited feeling…

R O S E  B R O W N

IMAGE via Instagram: @hairby_teeehave

Let’s just say I have a feeling I’ll be asking my hairdresser about it next time I visit.

Similar and just as beautiful but with a bit less of the rose is this one I also love:


And let’s not forget my enduring love of a good fringe. {Can I just pretend that we call them bangs too? Because I would much rather say “a good set of bags” than “a fringe”}. Even though mine have grown out and are more like long side bangs I’m not scared of a little daily blow drying and could easily be tempted again when I see pics like this one:


Not that my hair would actually look like that on account of it being fine and nowhere near as sexy but whatever.

At the end of the day though I’m finally old enough to have learned to trust my hairdresser {unless it’s the black-hair-disaster-and-bob-place, in which case hell nah}, so there’s every chance I’ll walk out of my next visit with neither rose brown anything or bangs, but I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch from where I’m currently at either. We shall see.

And funnily enough, I just realised that the profile pic at the top right sidebar is still of the black-hair-disaster era where I looked washed out and ghoulish and had to wear full makeup and bright lipsticks every single day.

I really need to change that pic.

Maybe swap it for that time I tried to go blonde…


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