All the stuff.

Something happened to me recently and I still don’t even know exactly what it was.

One minute I’m online shopping and trying to cram yet another new frock into an already overstuffed closet and the next the whole idea of more stuff was repellant.

I’m not talking about minimalism, but seemingly out of nowhere I’ve suddenly started questioning why I’m so attached to all the stuff.

Why is it that I’m so addicted to buying shit I don’t need?

So many frocks so little time…

It occurred to me recently that when we’re in Croatia we manage very happily without all the stuff we’re used to having around us. Not technology because I definitely need wifi and some kind of device, but all the other stuff, from way too much clothes and shoes and bags and accessories to over a hundred cookbooks. I don’t miss any of it.

{Okay maybe having just a few extra choices in my holiday wardrobe wouldn’t go astray, but only a few 😉 }.

And before I even try to delve into the psychology behind my unhealthy attachment to all manner of stuff, the decluttering has begun.

The aim is to sell or donate at least half of my clothes, which would sound like a lot if I didn’t have so much of it. Cookbooks that aren’t used are a no brainer, plus the ones that I haven’t even flicked through in the last six months will go too. For some reason I thought frocks were my weakness but turns out I have a stupid number of bags and heels too.

So many bags…

Heels I never wear. Bags used once or not at all.

I want it all gone more than I want to make a profit, and for that reason I’m also happy to donate to the right person and/or cause, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

It just needs to go.

And maybe somewhere along the way I’ll figure out when I became such a hoarder of stuff.

Now if only I could develop the same abhorrence for snacking…


  1. […] My last post was all about stripping back all the unnecessary stuff that has accumulated in my wardrobe, and ultimately I ended up selling or donating roughly half my clothes and shoes, most of the bags I had, and half my cookbook collection. And until this week I wasn’t even remotely interested or tempted to buy anything new, but with the wedding looming some new makeup and accessories were called for. #sorrynotsorry […]


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